Samsung Internet Browser

Samsung smartphones come with two internet browsers preinstalled. You can find Google Chrome, which is present on every Android smartphone and tablet, and the Samsung Internet browser, which you will find in every Galaxy smartphone.

Many users rely on Google Chrome for their daily browsing activity, but you should give Samsung Internet Browser a chance as a Galaxy user.

Samsung has added many new privacy, multitasking, and customization features to its internet browser over the years. If you care about these features and options then you should give them a try. The latest update in Samsung’s internet browser brings the option to add a bookmark bar to the browser.

The option is disabled when you update the app but you can enable it in the settings.

How to add a Bookmark bar on the Samsung Internet browser?

Open the Internet Browser.

Tap the three lines at the bottom to open the menu.

In the menu, tap the settings to open the settings page.

Navigate Appearance and Tap on it.

Now, Tap on the Show bookmark bar and select Always.

The Bookmark bar appears at the top of the browser and below the search bar.

At the start, the browser doesn’t show any bookmarks, and users have to create the bookmark manually.

To add a bookmark, type the website or webpage address in the search bar and hit the search.

When the search result appears, tap the “Add to bookmark bar” to add it.

The webpage or website will appear in the bookmark bar and you can access it with a single click.

Another way to add a bookmark is the traditional way. Open the website and tap on the little star icon displayed at the start of the search bar.

Once you bookmarked different websites and web pages. Tap the star icon at the bottom bar on the internet browser.

Manually long-press each website and tap on move at the bottom bar. Select bookmark bar or you can create a new folder for the bookmark. 

Just like the desktop browser, you can also create folders for different types of bookmarks.

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