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You have got the perfect group for playing co-op games on the Steam platform, but how will you ensure to join them in another gameplay? The steam platform allows users to make up a friend list. This lets you play your preferred games with the people you have the most fun with. You must remember that if you have not made purchases worth five dollars or have added five dollars to your account, Steam will not permit you to add friends. There are some methods to find people you wish to game with. Steam will save your friends to a permanent list of friends until and unless you wish to unfriend them. By adding friends on Steam, you can join the multiplayer game. You can even message them when you see them online and check their recommendations for games. This very minute let us look into how to add a friend on Steam.

The Steam Friend List

When your friends are added to the gaming platform Steam, you will see an innovative world of multiplayer games. You will be able to view what games your friends play and make text and voice calls to them from your phone or computer. You can send them games even as a gift. Maybe you wish to take benefit of the Family Library Sharing system of Steam. This allows your family and friends to enjoy the games you have acquired over the years. Even you can connect your account Steam to Discord. This allows your connections to view your gaming status. But at first, you will have to add your friends to Steam.

Process to add a friend on Steam

The foremost way you will be able to find Steam friends is by adding people you already know. To add a friend on Steam, go to their profile, click a link, or enter their Friend Code.

Using Steam friend codes:

For adding Steam friends with the use of a Friend Code:

Foremost, on your Mac or PC, open the Steam App

From the toolbar, select Friends at the top of the menu bar (for Mac users) or the app (on Windows)

Then click on Add a Friend

Next, you have to copy your friend code. Send that code to your buddy through email or text messages. They will require to know how to add that code

If you have a Friend code for your friend, then you have to enter that in the field below yours and then click on Send Invite

With the use of quick Invites

Your account will be counted as “limited” if you have not spent a minimum of $5 on Steam. The limited users are not able to add any friends on their own. Your steam account will not meet the minimum requirements of adding friends when you are a new user. However, users with non-limited accounts can send you a friend request. The only way of doing so is through the Quick invite links. If you prefer to give your friends a quick invite, you can perform that too. But you must remember that you can use your Quick Invite link only once, and keep in mind that the link expires after 30 days.

In Steam, from the page Add a Friend, search for the option send a Quick Invite

Next to your link, click Copy

Then you have to paste this link in a text message or an email to your friend

If you require a new link below your existing one, you have to click the option “Generate a new link”

Searching for Steam Friends

Steam users can even search for their friends. This is great if you are aware of their profile name or name but do not have any other contact information. For example, this is the process of how you will be able to find your random yet perfect gaming buddy in the public lobby of Team Fortress.

For doing this:-

Scroll down on the page Add a Friend until you view the option Try searching for your friend

Then you need to type the username or full name of your friend and then click on the magnifying glass

After you have found the person whom you wish to add, click on the option Add as Friend

Process of adding a friend whom you met through Steam

Some games use the matchmaking technology of Steam. Once you have already played a game with a person using the matchmaking technology of Steam, you will be able to find that person and then add them to your friend list.

For adding a matchmade friend on the platform Steam:

Click the option Recently played with on the page Add a friend

Your play history will be shown on Steam which includes the users with whom you have played with

Locate the person whom you wish to add as your friend and then click on the button Add as Friend

Using the friends’ window

You must be aware that a friend’s window is also present in Steam- a popup that you will be able to open along with the main application. You can see your online friends here, add a new friend and accept chats and incoming requests.

For using the friends’ window on the Steam Platform:

From the steam window, select Friends either on the menu bar for the Mac users or on the toolbar for windows

Click on the option View friends list

To add a friend, you have to click on the icon of the silhouette of a person with a plus sign

In this window, if you right-click on a friend, you can view their profile, start a voice chat, send them a message, and more.

Accepting Friends invites on Steam

When someone adds you as their friend on Steam, you can locate their invite in one of the two places. For one, the floating friends’ window has an icon that will display the pending invitations. It is situated right beside the icon of Add Friends. The icon looks like a person waving his hand. For the pending invites, the key window of Steam has its own spot. When you have added the page Add a friend, you need to click on Pending invites. You can see any pending invites here that you received from others. If you wish, you can cancel the invites you have already sent.

What to do when you cannot find a friend on Steam?

Now, if you are done searching for a friend and do not have any pending invites, you need to check a few items.

Ensure that you have received the correct friend code. You also have to make sure that you or your friend has used the blue copy button

When you use a Quick Invite link, it is likely to have expired. A new link can be generated by either you or your friend

When you are searching by name, you can try different combinations of spellings of their name, or you can even combine their profile name along with their real name.

Finally, you have to ensure that you have not blocked that person accidentally whom you wish to add as your friend. Click Blocked from the side menu, and you can view if you have blocked any players.

Wrapping up

Playing games solo definitely must be fun for some. But it feels much better when you have made a community of players to play with. Playing with random players often results in frustration among the players. This is the reason why Steam offers the feature friend list. We hope that the methods of adding a friend on Steam are clear to you by now. All you need to do is make most of the experience, share your games and thus, enjoy your downtime.

Experiencing difficulties with your Device, check out our “How To” page on how to resolve some of these issues.


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