How To Add AirPods On Your iPhone Find My Phone

Apple’s Airpods are famous among people for obvious reasons. They come with amazing battery life and even noise cancellation for a clear voice. The best thing is that one can wear them for long hours without discomfort. The only problem that you can have is misplacing them. As they are portable, one can easily forget about placing them anywhere. It is not a crucial problem as you can locate your Apple product with Apple Find my iPhone, and they are not an exception. Though they are not directly linked to Apple ID, we will discuss how to add AirPods on iPhone Find my phone.

How to add AirPods on iPhone Find my phone

First, you must connect your buds to a device already linked to your iCloud account. As these buds are not directly linked to iCloud, you will need to use another device, such as your iPhone, for this purpose. Once your buds are paired with your Apple device, you can find them by using Find my iPhone. Here is how you can do that:

  • First, you will need to open the lid and leave both AirPods in the case while pairing up.
  • Now, launch the Bluetooth settings of your device.
  • Now, if you are an iOS user, you will need to go to your device’s settings first, then go to Bluetooth, and make sure to switch on the toggle.
  • If you have a Mac, head to the Apple icon, and from there, go to system preferences and then go to Bluetooth and turn it on.
  • Press and hold the setup button of your AirPods case until you notice that the light is blinking inside.
  • Pair your device with your AirPods by tapping on the name of your pods on your device’s Bluetooth settings.
  • The devices will now be paired.

Now, your Apple device is paired with your AirPods. Next, you will need to use Find my iPhone to find your AirPods. Let’s discuss how you can do that.

Turn on ‘Find My iPhone’ on your device that is paired with your AirPods. For this purpose,

  • Go to the settings application of your iPhone and then go to your iCloud
  • Now, scroll down, select find my iPhone, and tap on find my iPhone once again.
  • Toggle on finding my iPhone and send the last location.
  • You’re now good to go, and the devices you have paired with your iPhone, including your AirPods, now have this feature activated on them.

Now, as the devices, as well as your AirPods, are connected with this feature, you can find your device. The application will show you a map where you can easily see the location of your lost device and the other devices you have paired your iPhone with. You can use this feature by using your computer or your iPhone.

To access find my iPhone from your computer, follow the steps below: 

  • First, visit and log into your Apple account.
  • Click on find iPhone and select all devices at the top. Make sure to select your AirPods as well.
  • It will provide you with a map with the locations of those devices.

To check the location of your devices using your iPhone, follow the below steps:

  • Open the Find My application on your iPhone and then tap on the devices
  • Tap on your AirPods.
  • You’ll be provided with the map

If the application cannot locate your device, you will be able to see a message on your screen ” No location found”. Also, if all the devices that are connected with this feature are in different locations, you will see them on the app one by one. You can just simply refresh the map after finding one.

How to locate the AirPods when they are offline?

If your AirPods are out of range, out of battery, or offline, the Find my iPhone feature will not be able to locate your AirPods.

Though the feature would not be able to show you the current location of your AirPods, it can still be helpful to you as it will show the last location of your AirPods when they are online. You can even try to turn on the play sound option so that the next time the AirPods turn online, you will know that with the alarm.

Frequently asked questions

Can I find one of my buds if it is lost?

It can be a matter of concern as finding one of your buds can be tricky. Fortunately, you will not need to buy a brand new set of AirPods as you can buy a replacement bud from Apple at a lower price. Also, if you have Apple care on your AirPods, it will be even easier.

You must visit the official Apple website and order a new bud for your model. You can pick up one from an Apple store as well.

What to do if someone steals my AirPods?

If someone unpairs your AirPods from your device and pairs them to theirs, there is no way you can track your buds. The AirPods would be connected to the person’s iCloud account.

Ending words 

Apple has introduced several features to ensure you don’t lose your Apple devices. You can use the Find my feature or the alarm feature to find your devices. You need to remember that you need to enable these amazing features in all your Apple devices as soon as you get them. The features are completely useless if you are willing to find your devices after they are gone. Hope you have successfully understood how to add AirPods to your Apple Find My phone and did the needful.

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