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Instagram now lets users add captions to their Instagram Stories. It will be helpful in many scenarios, especially for those who have some sort of listening disability or want to watch stories without sound.

The caption feature will transcribe the audio of the story and show it as a subtitle at the bottom without any third-party app. It will also expand the reach of the stories to many people who have a different native language than the creator.

It is not like the automated caption option which Instagram offers for its IGTV live video. The captions are like a video element just like the stickers which users use for their stories.

Users can opt for a plain subtitle text at the bottom or they can choose a sticker look for the captions in the stories. The social media app also makes the captions flexible for the users just like its stickers. Meaning users can adjust the captions according to their liking, they can change the size, shape, positions, fonts, and colors of the subtitles. This flexibility is very useful when Instagram misunderstood a certain word as this feature is a live caption feature. At present users won’t be able to add their subtitles to the stories. Instagram will automatically transcribe the audio of the story and show it as a subtitle.

At present this feature only supports the English language and is available for few select English-speaking countries. The caption feature will be available for both iOS and Android users when it is released. Additionally, this caption feature will make its way towards the Instagram Reels, a clone of TikTok and other Instagram video content.

How to add captions to your Instagram Stories?

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Users which have the support for the Caption can use it in the following ways.

Open Instagram

Record or upload a video as a story

Choose the sticker icon from the edition option

From stickers list, select “Caption”.

Drag the sticker to the story and place it where you want it to show to other users

Tap on the sticker to edit it if you want to edit a certain word

Tap it again if you want to change the layout, style, size, font. Color of the captions.

When done, tap the post option to make it public. Captions will appear automatically when the story is played by those in the supported countries.


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