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Instagram allows users and creators to post links on their stories. These links can be about the brand users are promoting, link to the YouTube videos, or a link to the website they work for.

Previously it was easy to share links on Instagram stories as the app offer swipe-up gesture in stories to post the link. But the app has removed the swipe-up gesture to post the link. Now users can post stickers on the stories using swipe-up gestures.

How to add links to Instagram Stories

Well in this article we will tell you how to add links to Instagram stories. The Facebook-owned image posting app won’t allow users to post links under the images and posts description. The only way to share any sort of links with others is through the stories or through profile descriptions.

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The social app restricts everyone from posting links in the stories. If you are an influencer with over ten thousand followers, or you represent a brand or have a verified account then only you can post the links on the app. In its defense, the app said that these limitations are enforced to prevent users from sharing spammy links or links that have some sort of misinformation.

If you have an Instagram account that fulfills the above-mentioned highlighted requirement then you are good to go.

Here are the steps you need to follow to post links on the Instagram Stories:

Open the app.

Swipe towards the left side to open the camera to post the stories.

Capture the photos or videos from the camera or add them from the gallery.

Edit the media with stickers or text as per your liking.

Then swipe up on the added image or video to get access to more editing icons. In the editing options, you will see the link icon or a chain icon.

Tap on the link icon and paste the link you want to share with friends and others.

Once you add the link, a preview of the link will show up to give users an idea of what the link is about.

Next tap on share to share it on your stories.

It is advisable to share links with users that are trusted and provide reasonable and accurate information and must follow the guidelines provided by Instagram. 

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