WhatsApp‘s latest beta version brings some changes and improvements to the most popular chat app. Facebook-owned chat app WhatsApp has added a feature called “New Archive”.

It is the same archive feature that is available on chat apps for years with one major improvement. Now, users can permanently archive a chat on WhatsApp.

Previously, when a user archive a chat, the conversation disappears for a moment and appears again in the user’s chat list when a new message arrives in that conversation. With the new update to the features, users will be able to permanently archive a conversation/group chat. If you want to ignore a conversation or a group chat you have to mute it for a time a period so that it won’t distract you when a message arrives in that conversation.

WhatsApp launched a feature in its new beta version called “New archive” which will keep your archive chat hidden. You have to manually unarchive the chat when you want to see it in your chat list or want to notified when a new message appears.

This new feature in the most popular instant messaging app will be available for all iOS and Android users in the coming months. For Android users, they can try it now with the beta version They just simply need to enroll in the beta program and then update WhatsApp on their device.

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How to Archive WhatsApp Chat Permanently 

First head on to the Google Play Store and search for WhatsApp.

Join the WhatsApp beta program.

Update the app manually if it doesn’t automatically update the app. Most probably after joining the beta program your app will automatically be updated to the latest beta version available.

Once you update the app to the latest beta, open the app on your device.

Tap on the three dots on the top right corner.

Head on the settings at the bottom of the list when you tap on the three dots.

In the settings, you will find an option called “Archive Chat”.

Tap on it and enable an option called “Keep Chat Archived” in that “Archive Chat” option.

Now, you have enabled all the settings that are required.

On your chat list, long-press any chat you want to archive.

Then select “Archive” from the icons that appear at the top when to long-press any chat.

That chat will be archived permanently and you will see no message from the chat.

To see the messages from that chat again, search the chat in the app. Again long-press it and select unarchive chat from the list of options that appear on the screen.

Note: this feature is available in the beta version and only Android users can test it at present, if the Beta version is open by the app developer. If you see a message like “Beta version is full” then you have to wait for the official version to release to test this feature.

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