Steps to add attachments to Google Meet

To attach any file to the Google Meet Video, you have to approach the meeting in a slightly different way. Here is the step by step process to add attachments to Google Meet.

Steps to add attachments to Google Meet

Step 1- Open your Google calendar

On your Google main page, you will see 9 dots at the right-hand corner of your screen. Once you click there you will see the option of Google calendar on the third row, click on that option and you will be taken to the home page of Google calendar.

Step 2- Create an event on Google calendar

On the calendar choose the date and time for your meeting and create a meeting. Name the event, for example, “Google Meet”, and click on the more options that you see on the bottom of that page.

Step 3- Make the event a meet event

To make sure your event is a meeting event, click on the Add conferencing option on the left-hand side of the screen and you will see an automatic drop-down of Hangouts Meet. Click on it and your meeting will be created.

Step 4- Add guests

You can add participants with whom you want to share files or attachments by adding guests. Just type down the e-mail addresses of the participants you want to invite to the meeting.

Step 5- Add attachments to Google Meet

You will see the symbol of attachment on the bottom left corner of your screen. Click on that option and you will see different locations from where you can select and attach your files. You can add files from your recent downloads or saved files, and you can also choose files from your Google Drive. You can also add files from your computer hard drive or desktop. These files may be documents, pdf, or videos. You can add multiple files by just clicking on the attachment symbol again.

Step 6- Save the event

Once you are done with your attachments, you will have to save the meeting. Once you click on the save option you will get notified about the participants you are sharing the files with. So you can cross-check the participants and then send the invite to the meeting.

Steps to add attachments to Google Meet

Step 7- Meeting created

The meeting is now created, to view the meeting go to the Google Meet home page. You will see the meeting that you have scheduled. Click on the meeting and you will be taken to the meeting home page. Scroll down below and you will see at the left most corner the attachments symbol which indicates that there are also attachments in the meeting.

Step 8- Files attached to Google Meet

Once you click on the attachments option, you will see the files that you have attached. The participants can simply click on the files individually to open any of the attachments. So the participants will have access to view, edit, and collaborate on those files.

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