How to Back up Your iPhone Photos

It’s so easy and convenient to shoot incredible videos and pictures on your iPhone. But what if you lose all of your photos when you accidentally lose or break your phone? So, it’s better to continuously back up your entire photo library, then you won’t need to worry about losing your data. Your data is always safe with the help of a backup.

If you think that backing up the photos is a bit frustrating, don’t worry. It’s as simple as that. Please read this article to know how to back up your iPhone photos and videos. You can back up your data with or without iCloud.

Before Performing the Backup

Before jumping into the backups, let’s take a look at an ever-present issue: Your photos and videos can consume a lot of storage. No matter how you want to back up your photos, you can always keep the images you need. Otherwise, you are just wasting your phone’s space. It will also cost you some money, as is the case with iCloud.

Different Ways To Backup Your iPhone Photos:

1. How to Back Up Your Photos to iCloud

If you already know the Apple ecosystem well, iCloud is an ideal option for you. Since it uses the iOS framework, all functionality and setup will be native to your iPhone. You can follow the below steps to back up your photos from iPhone to iCloud:

  1. Open Settings on your iPhone.
  2. Tap (Your Name) > iCloud > Photos.
  3. Turn iCloud Photos on.

Yes, it is very simple. The videos and photos on your phone will be uploaded to iCloud then. You may know, every Apple ID gets 5 GB of free storage on their iCloud account. But those 5 GB will fill up so fast when you start backing up your photos. In such a case, you will have to buy more storage.

2. How to Back Up Photos from iPhone to Google Photos

One of the best things to back up your photos on Google Photos is giving free unlimited storage for videos and photos. But there is a little problem, as it slightly compresses your images while uploading.

If you are looking for a free backup, then this is an ideal option for you. You will also get the option to upload everything at full quality, but it will count towards your Google One Storage. However, if you run out of storage, you will need to pay to buy some storage, just like iCloud.

To back up your photos with Google Photos:

  1. Download Google Photos App on Your iPhone.
  2. Open the App and Sign in to Your Google Account.
  3. Choose Original or High Quality.
  4. Tap to Confirm.

3. How to Back Up With Amazon Photos

Amazon Photos is another cloud service that you can use to back up your photos or videos. If you are an Amazon Prime Customer, you can upload an unlimited number of pictures at full quality. Moreover, you will also get 5 GB of free storage to upload your videos. In case you need more space, you will have to pay an annual fee.

After downloading Amazon Photos on your iPhone, you can follow these steps:

  1. Open App and Sign in To Your Amazon Prime Account.
  2. Tap Allow to Let Amazon Access Your Photos.
  3. Choose To Turn on Cellular Data and Auto-Save.
  4. Tap Done

4. Back-Up Photos on Your Computer

Some people don’t like to upload their entire photo library on the cloud. You can always back up your photos and videos directly on your computer. However, backups won’t be automatic as a cloud service. You will manually need to copy your data to your computer. It will allow you to choose the photos you want to save.

How to Back Up Photos on a Mac

One of the convenient ways to back up your iPhone pictures or videos is with the help of the Photos app available on the Mac. You can connect your iPhone to a Mac via a USB cable and follow these steps:

  1. Open Photos App On Your Mac.
  2. Unlock Your Phone and Tap Trust This Device to Continue With the Transfer.
  3. Import Window Will Appear Automatically. If Not, You can Click on Your iPhone in the Sidebar of the Photos App.
  4. You Can Select The Picture You Need to Import or Click on the Top Right-Hand Corner to Import All Photos.

How To Back Up iPhone Pictures on a Windows PC

You can also back up your photos on a Windows PC. Windows 10 offers the default app Windows Photos. You can use a USB cable to connect your iPhone with the computer and unlock your phone:

  1. Tap Trust This Device To Proceed.
  2. Open Windows Photos App.
  3. Click Import on the Top-right Corner.
  4. A Pop-up Will Appear to Select the Pictures You Want to Back up.
  5. Continue and Follow the Instructions

How to Back Pictures on Windows PC through File Explorer

Another way to back up your iPhone photos is by making use of File Explorer on a computer. Plugin your iPhone into the computer with the help of a Lightning USB cable and follow the steps below:

  1. Unlock the Phone and Tap Trust This Device to Continue.
  2. Open the File Explorer Window. Your iPhone Will Appear in the Sidebar as a New Device on the Left Sidebar.
  3. Right Click to Select Import Photos and Videos.
  4. Follow Instructions Given in the Import Wizard.

There are several options to back up your iPhone photos and videos. Actually, there are so many ways that you can’t make an excuse not to backing up the memories that you have captured on your iPhone. Hopefully, the methods mentioned in this article will help you to maintain a reliable iPhone photo backup.

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