block ads in apps of Android phones

Most apps that developers offer for free come with the much annoying evil – ads! They destroy the user experience as they are bothersome. But with problems come solutions and we will tell you how you could block these ads from popping up on the apps downloaded on Android phones. There are several programs that can help block ads in apps of Android phones. We have listed below some of the best ones that will block all these ads.

AdGuard for Android

how to block ads in Hotstar app

If you are harassed by ads and videos on the apps and wish to learn how to remove ads from android apps then you should download AdGuard for Android. AdGuard does more than just blocking ads on the apps. It also takes care of ads that pop-up in the browsers and safeguards your privacy. It doesn’t let anyone trace your online activities. It works on VPN mode and HTTP proxy. Its quality of filtering is much higher compared to many other adblocking programs or apps that are available.

Once you have downloaded and installed AdGuard for Android. You need to open the program go to Settings > HTTPS Filtering – turn it on.

All ads that appear in Android apps will be blocked.


how to remove ads from android apps

DNS66 blocks ads that come up on Android apps. The DNS66 filters all the ads, pop-ups, app ads, and even web ads by creating an encrypted server. Instead of using the third-party proxy DNS66 uses Android VPN. This keeps your phone safe from any viruses and also preserves your personal data.

Once you have downloaded DNS66 go to Domain Filters > Adaway Host Files Click on the power icon which is in the Home screen of DNS66 and download any missing files if you are prompted to do so. Once this is done any ads that come up on your Android apps will be stopped.

There are many more options available in DNS66 using which you can block malware or virus, etc.


block ads in Android apps

Ads can be pestering especially if you are watching your favorite movie or series and want to know how to block ads in Hotstar app or any other entertainment app. This is an advanced adblocker that will block ads on apps. It also speeds up the loading speed and keeps personal data safe. There are more than 50 filters and you can change your preference according to the level of security that you want on your phone. You can block ads on all the apps that you want including Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and Google.

Just click on the download and follow the step-by-step instructions to stop seeing ads on your favorite apps.

These are the best programs that will help you block ads in Android apps.



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