Samsung Galaxy Note 20

Download Mode is one of the Advance mobile features that generally comes with Samsung Devices. This mode is generally used by people who are more likely to modify every bit off their phones than normal people. If you want to enter into the download mode, read the complete article.

How does Download Mode exactly work?

There are various uses or benefits to download mode. Below are some of them:

Flash Custom and Stock Firmware: Using the download mode, you can download and flash the firmware of your choice. You have various options, and you get to choose the one you like.

Install various apps: While the play store is a good option to install apps, some apps, such as some Google apps, can be installed only using the Download mode.

Install custom Recovery: Using this, you can get out of the stock recovery and choose a custom recovery of your choice.

Install Custom Kernels: If you switch from stock kernels to custom kernels, then download mode is one of the best options to choose.

How to Boot Download Mode on the Samsung Galaxy Note 20?

Here are two ways to boot download mode on the Samsung Galaxy Note 20. You can select any one of the methods at your convenience:

Method 1:

To use this method, you will need to have a cable to charge your phone.

Now, plug the charger into your computer and have it ready.

Power off your Samsung Galaxy Note 20 by clicking on the power off button.

Once it is turned off, hold volume up and volume down keys simultaneously on the side of the phone.

Try holding both the buttons for a while, and now plugin the charger into your device.

Now you can see a warning sign and some information on your phone screen.

Then let go of both the volume up and volume down keys now.

Press the volume up button only to go further.

Then you will see your Samsung Galaxy Note 20 into the download mode.

If you want to go back into Android mode, simply press the power key and volume down key and hold it for more than 7 seconds.

Now, you will observe your Samsung Galaxy Note 20 into Android mode.

Method 2:

This is the second way to boot Download mode in your Samsung Galaxy Note 20. This simple method allows you to get into download mode without any computer or a charger.

To start, power off your phone completely before we begin.

Now press three buttons-volume up, volume down, and power button simultaneously.

First, you can start by pressing the volume up and down buttons and then press the power button holding the first 2 buttons.

Now you can see a blue screen with a warning popping up.

Then continue the process by pressing the Volume Up button.

You can see your device turning into download mode now.

To turn off the download mode, simply go back, press the power button and volume down button and hold it for more than 7 seconds.

Then your device will be back into Android mode.

What if the phone doesn’t come back to Android Mode?

There are some chances that your phone is stuck in the download mode itself and resists returning to Android mode even after rebooting it. If you witness the same issue, you can follow the below-mentioned solutions.

Drain the battery: This is the best possible thing to do if your phone resists even after you force a reboot. Allow the smartphone’s battery to drain so that it will shut off completely or possibly it boots out of download mode whilst waiting. It should get it out of the download mode.

Download Samsung Stock Firmware: Check your device model and then download a stock firmware. Then load the respective files on your computer in Odin. Wait for a while until the files are flashed on your phone. Your phone will return to Android mode after completing the flashing process.

This is the entire information about the Download mode and how to boot into it on the Samsung Galaxy Note 20. This mode can be used to make the most out of your device if you use it correctly. So, follow the above guidelines and use this mode anytime without any worries.

Experiencing difficulties with your Device, check out our “How To” page on how to resolve some of these issues.


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