Fast boot Mode on OnePlus 9

A problem persists with every new user, i.e., booting their device. Booting one’s device seems to jitter many times. Well! Why worry if you have a simple guide to learn all about the Fastboot mode, its uses, how to boot in Fastboot mode, and how to exit from Fastboot mode on the One plus 9.

Keep scrolling to know more about the Fastboot mode.

What is Fastboot mode?

Fastboot is the unique feature of the One plus 9 operating system. It can be easily accessed without downloading the entire OS, and it allows to write the data on the phone’s internal storage. The data can be of either type, a ROM, kernel, or recovery data.

However, you can take most of the use of fastboot only by unlocking the phone’s boot loader. One plus mobile phone comes with an in-built locked boot loader system, which can be easily unlocked by fastboot.

What is the use of Fastboot mode? 

Fastboot mode helps to overwrite data on the phone’s flash memory. It also offers data partition, boot partition, and device partition access. For safety purposes, the mobile phone comes with a locked boot loader, and after that, you have to unlock the boot loader mode.

Most of the users use fastboot mode to:

Flash a custom recovery

Make changes to existing flash files

Overwrite the data

Unlock the bootloader

How to boot into fastboot mode on One plus 9?

The most convenient way to boot your One plus 9 into Fastboot mode is by taking advantage of one plus feature i.e., Oxygen Advanced Reboot Menu. It’s merely an option that One plus has included in its operating system to access the fastboot modes quickly.

Method 1: From the settings menu

 Go to the Settings of your One plus 9

Then, go to the system and choose Developer options. You will see several special options.

Scroll down to find the Advanced Reboot option

After that, enable the advanced reboot option

Now, press and hold the power key.

The power-off button will pop-up different options like Power off, Restart, Recovery, Boot loader, and screenshot.

Tap on boot loader mode to enter into fastboot mode.

Note: If you run a custom ROM and you don’t have the Advanced Reboot option in your menu, scroll down to see the instructions of the second method.

Method 2: Enter fastboot mode on OnePlus 9 with physical Keys

This method is quite easy to perform than the advanced reboot option. Go through the simple steps given below:

Long press the power key.

Tap on the option power off to turn off your device.

Once the phone gets off, by pressing and holding the volume up and power keys simultaneously, you can enter into fastboot mode.

But if this method doesn’t work for any reason, there is a third and the last method to enter into fastboot mode.

Method 3: Using ADB commands

This method is used if you run a custom ROM and the power keys are broken or have some defects. In this method, you have to install the latest USB and ADB drivers for your One plus 9.

Step-by-step instructions:

Firstly connect your phone with your PC or Laptop using a USB cable.

Open PowerShell/CMD on your computer

Run adb devices command to assure that PC recognizes your OnePlus 9

Finally, by using adb reboot boot loader command, you can enter into fastboot mode.

Once you run this command, your OnePlus 9 will turn off and enter fastboot mode.

Finally, you can flash custom ROMs, unlock the boot loader, and lots more.

How to exit fastboot mode in One plus 9?

The easiest way to get out of fastboot mode is to start your device again. Click the power off button, and after turning it off, turn it on again. It simply means restarting your OnePlus 9.

This simple guide provides information about Fastboot mode, and with its help, you can get your One plus 9 to boot in Fastboot mode.

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