buy music on an Android phone

Music is loved by all. It refreshes our mind, heart and brain. So, we love to listen to music in our idle time. If you have an Android phone and you want to buy the best music on your Android device, there are numerous options available to you. You can buy it from Amazon, Google Play store and from any other streaming services. Actually, with the increase uses of mobile phone, developers have come out with different ways to deliver music to the users. So, you do not have to worry for this at all. We have shared here the best ways to buy music on Android phone. Have a read to know which one will be convenient for you.

Ways to buy music on Android phone

Method 1: Google Play Music app

If you are an Android user, we will definitely suggest you using Google Music app to buy songs. This is a great music streaming service and an online music locker that let you listen to all kind of songs you want. The subscription is available for a very negligible price. Once you pay that, you can buy the music of your favorite album, singer and artists. Here is how to buy music from Google Play music app.

The first step in this process is to ensure that you are using the latest version of the Google Play store. So, it’s best to update the play store first and then follow the below steps.

Next, open the Play store and download the Google Play music app from there.

Also, in order to buy music from Google Play music, you should have a Google wallet account. If you already have one, then add a payment method going to the play store. But if you do not have one, then create an account first and add a payment method.

Now, open the Play store once again. Tap on the Music section there which is available on the very first page.

As you tap the Music section, it will take you to the Music Home page. By swiping left and right you will be able to see different sections such as Genre section, new release, album, etc. Also, you can search for a specific song using the magnifying glass.

Once you get and select the particular song to be bought, tap on the price and it will guide you to complete the purchase process.

The purchased songs will be then available to the Google Play Music app. Here you can stream the music anytime you want. Or else download them to listen to later offline.

Method 2: Amazon MP3

buy music on an Android phone

Amazon MP3 is another good option to buy Music on Android phone. This is also an online streaming service and a music locker which is operated by The process to buy music from Amazon MP3 is too simple. Just ensure that you have an Amazon account for that and that’s it. The full process is explained here in details.

First sign into the Amazon account. But, in case you do not have an account, then create one and add a payment method. You can buy music through the payment method or else by using the gift card balance whichever is convenient for you.

Once, you have signed in, the music store will be available to you. Browse that store to find out the best song. Also, you can search for the required music using the magnifying glass.

Once you get the required song, select that and tap on the price to complete the purchase process.

The purchased song will be available to menu> My library.

You can either choose to stream any of the purchased music or else download them for listening to them offline.

Method 3: Streaming services

The third method to buy music on an Android phone is to make use of any of the streaming services. Plenty of streaming services are available in the market. So, you can use just any of them to buy music. Pandora, Spotify are some of the best apps for this purpose. All such apps allow you to download music on Android for free and paid both. The free version will accompany ads while the paid version is ad-free. Here is how to use streaming services to buy music on your phone.

First, open the Play store and download the required app. If you want to use Spotify, then download that or else get the Pandora app.

Sign into the account and start to stream music of your choice. That’s it.

So, these are the three best methods to buy music on an Android phone. You can use any and get the favorite music in your phone.


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