cancel the Premium LinkedIn Subscription

Social media has greatly provided users with access to connections. LinkedIn provides connections to the correspondent by the provision of premium services. All the available LinkedIn premium services are customized with Perks that are different from the others. In some instances, users need to make regular subscriptions. But, how to cancel the Premium LinkedIn Subscription?

cancel the Premium LinkedIn Subscription

When users are inconvenienced by the premium services they can successfully cancel the Premium LinkedIn Subscription. There are many benefits associated with having premium packages. Users gain access to the best features that enable them to connect with the correspondents of interest.

How to make subscriptions

Users need to make subscriptions to the premium packages that are best for them. In other instances, users can make subscriptions they are interested in. Subscriptions enable users to access the best opportunity to market their products and other services.

LinkedIn is among the most respectable platforms used by companies to promote their products. In many instances, subscriptions are necessary for access to the best services.

When to make subscriptions

Many times users need to increase the feed to pages of our accounts. In such a situation users can make subscriptions that are billed annually. Users can access more content than the free account.

In many instances, the users can opt-out of the subscription they have made.

LinkedIn accounts need to be active to be professional or to showcase your professional life. It enables users to have access to the connections they need. The cost per subscription varies and the user can have whichever subscription which seems to be reasonable.

When to cancel subscriptions

In case the user needs to cancel the Premium LinkedIn Subscription and want to return to a free Basic account. To avoid being charged for subscriptions one should cancel their premium account at least one day before the next billing cycle. Similarly, if the user needs to cancel the Premium LinkedIn subscription during a free trial period the users will be denied sign up.

cancel the Premium LinkedIn Subscription

In some instances, the users may be interested in making more subscriptions that can enable them to attain the best features. LinkedIn has made this possible by providing access to the features that can be accessed by the account holder. In such cases, the users can use the method provided below to cancel the account:

How to cancel the Premium LinkedIn Subscription

If the user already has the best LinkedIn premium subscription or are considering signing up for the LinkedIn premium the user needs to know how to cancel the LinkedIn subscription. The method provided here can apply to all devices.

Step 1: Open the LinkedIn web page. Go to the home page of the account of the user or company.

Step 2: Tap on the option “Me” tab. The tab is located on the right side of the group option at the top of the device screen.

Step 3: Click on the Settings button which is displayed using the drop-down menu below the “me” tab.

Step 4: The user can click the Account tab that is on the left side of the row of options near the top of the page. Then click the subscription option where they will see the option below the basics and Third-party tabs.

Step 5: Click on the manage premium account option which is near the bottom on the page.

Click on the Cancel option and a blue button of the screen appears indicating to the user to continue. By doing so the user will have successfully cancelled the premium subscription.

How to retrieve premium funds

Different LinkedIn premium subscriptions including premium career, business, LinkedIn learning and sales Navigator are considered non-refundable. If the user wants to cancel premium subscriptions all the premium features will fully expire at the end of the billing cycle.

How to turn off automatic renewal on LinkedIn

In such a case the user needs to click on the “Me” icon at the top of the LinkedIn homepage. Select on premium Subscription settings from the top-down menu. Under the Manage premium account on the right column click on the option indicated cancel auto-renew.

How to cancel the Premium LinkedIn Subscription after the free trial.

In such a case to avoid being charged for a free trial the user has to cancel the trial at least one day before the auto-renewal billing date. The user can easily see the premium free premium page. The user can click on the cancel option at the bottom of the page. 

LinkedIn premium provides users with access to the premium services that meet their needs.

Final Thoughts

LinkedIn provides users with access to the best connections. It is mainly preferred by business persons to promote their products. There are many benefits of having subscriptions made on LinkedIn. The users can cancel the subscriptions at any moment when they find it necessary.

cancel the Premium LinkedIn Subscription

The methods provided above can enable users to cancel a subscription once it has been made by the user. LinkedIn is among the best social platforms that are preferred by professionals that are interested in being traced by the employers who can hire them. Premium options provide access to the range of features that come with the subscription package.

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