Android device to Firestick

In many incidences, the users with android phone accessories need to mirror the smartphone on the TV’s bigger screen. The display information can be Photos, videos, or presentations stored on the phone. Many Fire TV does not provide a direct connection to android. Android can be connected to the TV firestick and stream the content of interest. If you are looking for connecting the firestick with android and have no idea how to, read further. In this article, we will be discussing on how to cast an Android device to Firestick.

It is impossible to directly cast an android device to firestick without using an application. There are many available ways to connect the android device to firestick. The platforms have been developed over the periods. 

Google has enabled the accessibility of the feature in its products such as Chrome. There are many third-party applications available on the play store that the users can have access to. The applications range in the features which are available on the play store. 

For instance, some applications can play personal videos, and others cannot. The all-cast applications are the most convenient in ensuring the media play is accessible in all versions. The most used third-party applications are those that enable the stream content to be displayed. 

Platforms such as Amazon have the features of their products integrated with this feature. For instance, when watching a movie on amazon the content can be easily mirrored on the Television set. 

Firestick is important for multiple viewing and presentations in a corporate setting. Many businesses have adopted the use of this feature to make information accessible to the company stakeholders. Once the application is downloaded the following procedures can be used to meet the need that the user requires.


Android device to Firestick


The most widely used third-party application is the “All cast” application. It is popular due to its ability to play personal media among other media. Streaming is possible for some streaming platforms.

Step 1: Go to the play store and search for the most appropriate application that connects the android and firestick.

Step 2: Launch the firestick option on the TV set.

Step 3: Click on the search icon option 

Step 4: Enter the keyword all-cast on the search option.

Step 5: locate the app named “All cast”

Download and install the app on the firestick of the TV that needs to be connected. When the application has been launched on the screen successfully, an option instructing to download the same application on the android will appear. 

Download the application on the Android phone to match the link. It is important to ensure that the application downloaded is the same version as that of the other device.


Step 1: Launch the cast application on an android phone. A message indicated Search for players will appear on the display.

Step 2: Tap on the fire stick image on Android. These may take some time to appear on the screen.

Step 3: Open the text Indicated connected below the text Fire TV stick. Below the option, you will see the list of options like Gallery, Audio, and Recent. Google+, Google Drive, and File Browser.

Step 4: Tap the option indicated Mirror the photo, video, or audio on the screen. For instance, the videos can be viewed by tapping on the option.

Step 5: The option labeled STOP will appear these enable us to stop casting the videos.


These require the TV that can be connected to Firestick mode. To open these option 

Step 1: Press and hold the center or Home button on the firestick remote.

Step 2: On the menu that shows up, select the option indicated as Mirroring.

Step 3: On the dialogue that appears, search for the android device name.

To provide a link to the android phone the procedure provided below can be used.

Step 1: On your Android device launch the Settings.

Step 2: Then, go to Bluetooth and Device Connection settings.

Step 3: Open Connection preferences and tap on the cat option

Step 4: The fire accessory will appear on the display option. Select connect and access the features.

These features are not accessible to the android versions that are above 4.2 hence not very reliable.


There are many applications available that enable the users to access the firestick services. The applications are differentiated by the ability to stream live movies and videos from the internet.

All connect application

These allow casting personal media like photos and videos from android devices to stream. The firestick option is accessible to computer users. It allows the live stream of videos, movies, and music directly from the browser.

Android device to Firestick

It enables multiple streams on different screens making it convenient to many screens. The application is compatible with computer accessories.

Air screen application

Air screen is one of the advanced applications that supports multiple protocols such as google cast. The application can be accessed by Mac operating system, Windows operating system, and iOS devices.

Android device to Firestick

The application is available on the play store of the device being used. Amazon provides videos for streaming at the most reasonable terms. The application supports the use of the streaming option from amazon.

The application enables users to play personal videos. Many TV stations are impossible to stream through firestick platforms. The application enables the user to watch their favorite stations on the screen from the phone.

Airplay mirror receiver 

This mirroring app was initially developed for iPhone users. The application mainly uses the features of an iOS device. The upgraded features are accessible to the android user. It enables the user to view the slides before display on the screen.

Android device to Firestick

The application enables the users to stream live videos and watch YouTube videos on the cast host. To connect the device the procedures are the same as the other applications. The firestick connectivity is possible among multiple devices.


Mirroring360 application offers you an intuitive platform that enables you to remotely reflect your device content to a PC whether it is the Windows operating system or Mac operating system. Additionally, if you own an Amazon Fire Stick, at that point you can likewise reflect your device’s or tablet’s content on your TV screen.

The application demonstrates out to be a perfect pick for presentations, playing games, for educational purposes, etc. The application offers a restricted free trial, nonetheless, if you might want to upgrade, at that point you can pick the standard plan that comes at a reasonable price of $30 which is a per year membership.

Regardless of whether you own an iPhone, iPad, Mac, Chromebook, Windows PC, Android device, or an Android tablet, the Mirroring360 application works quite well with every platform.

Google Home

A standout amongst other screen mirroring applications for iPhone and Android is undoubtedly Google Home. Google Home is an all in one app which addresses your home’s basic needs.

You must be thinking about what basic needs? What else does it do apart from screen mirroring? It permits you to set up, manage, and control different devices including Google Home, Google Nest, intelligent lights, thermostats, and much more.

Android device to Firestick

Coming to screen Mirroring, Google Home offers you the most straightforward approach to cast your Android device content on the TV screen. Google Home works astoundingly best on the two iOS and Android platforms. You need to sign in to your Google account, set up your account, follow the guidelines that are shown to you on the screen, and that is it. When the Google Home identifies the streaming media associated with your TV’s HDMI input, you can easily cast your preferred content on your TV’s screen.


LetsView is a simple to use with iOS and Android screen mirroring application that permits you to cast your device’s content on a secondary screen, remotely. Utilizing the application from any device for screen mirroring is straightforward.

Android device to Firestick

To start with, ensure that both the devices (sender and receiver) are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. When you’ve done that, open the application on your iOS or Android device. Wait for a couple of moments until the application scans to find nearby devices for mirroring.

When both the devices are connected, you can start enjoying casting your preferred content on the TV screen. From playing games to streaming videos, movies, and content, LetsView offers an easy method for screen mirroring over any platform.

HD Screen Mirroring

Tired of watching movies on your device’s small screen? With the assistance of the HD screen mirroring application, you can in a flash cast your Android device’s content on the TV screen within no time.

The application sets up a safe connection with ensuring your information, documents, and applications during your screen mirroring meetings. Moving from a small smartphone screen to a bigger TV screen will never be simpler. The HD screen mirroring application accompanies a simple to use user interface and is one of the most powerful devices to cast your smartphone on the TV screen in top-notch video quality.

VNC Viewer

VNV Viewer is another mind-blowing, a standout amongst other screen casting applications for Android and iPhone. It is one of the high evaluated applications on the Play Store that permits you to cast your device’s content on PC or TV easily.

Android device to Firestick

The VNC viewer application pays the most extreme need for security, consequently offering end to end encryption for keeping our privacy. VNC Viewer application not simply permits you to cast your device’s screen yet, also, gives you instant remote access to your Windows operating system, Mac operating system, and Linux PC from anyplace on the planet.

VNC viewer application additionally stretches out its help to outside devices including remote mic, mouse, and consoles. The application offers your password protection to keep your Mirroring, and remote access meetings secure, which makes it a not too bad Android and iOS screen mirroring application.

Air Server Connect

AirServer is outstanding amongst other screen mirroring applications for Android and iPhone that can be your ideal ally for mirroring your device on a screen, particularly when you need to cast on the network like school or organizations.

With the assistance of the AirServer Connect application, you can either enjoy playing games on your TV screen, use it for presentations, or for teaching students in an intuitive classroom.

You can without much of stretch mirror games, applications, play slideshow of pictures on your PC or TV with the AirServer Connect application. One of the unique features that makes it an incredible Android and iOS screen mirroring application is that it permits you to mirror your device’s screen to numerous receivers simultaneously.


The connection of the android phone to the firestick of the Windows and the TV set is important in ensuring access to media play. Firestick is inaccessible on the older versions of the android phone.

Downloading the application is the most convenient method to access the services. There are many applications available on the play store to perform these actions. Smart TVs can be integrated with the application by downloading.

Firestick can enable the device to be connected to multiple devices using the aforementioned methods.

I hope the article was helpful to cast an Android device to Firestick.

Experiencing difficulties with your Device, check out our “How To” page on how to resolve some of these issues.


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