Change Font In Discord

Discord is a newly launched application that is exceptionally well designed and is mainly liked by users. People find significantly fewer difficulties while using it. This has a feature of Dark Theme, which is quite user-friendly, easy for the eyes, and intuitive. This feature adds more beauty to the application. However, there has been a report that states users are facing an issue to change the fonts in Discord which is auto-selected as Uni Sans across the entire application and is also selected as Discord’s Logo. Let us look at the quick guide on how to change the font in Discord.

How to change font in Discord

Though the font is auto-selected and cannot be changed in Discord, users always have the option to modify the same following these steps:

Open the Discord app and Click on User Settings

Click on the Appearance tab on the App setting on the left side of the screen.

The app will show you numerous settings that will help you adjust the application’s appearance.

Scaling the Chat Font

There are three sliders under the Chat Font Scaling category.

The first slider helps in increasing or decreasing the size of the font./ text on Discord. This option is available only on messaging, chats, channels, etc. The slider is set at 16px by default which is quite good for the users, but if you want, you have the option to select it to 14px for a cleaner appearance. Some users who have difficulty in visibility can also opt for options like 20px or even 24px, whichever suits them better.

Space between the Messaging Groups

Another option that helps in the modification process for changing the appearance of text messages is the Space between the Messaging groups. This helps in reducing the space between different groups in messaging. Here also, the default option is set to 16px in the scaling slider, which creates required spaces between the groups in messaging. However, there are ways to modify the same to 0px if you want to fit more texts prominently on your screen. But if you wish to see fewer texts, you can opt for the 24px category in the rightmost option.

Zoom Level

Zoom Level helps to change the appearance of the Discord app fully and does not stick to messages only. The slider has the capacity to change between the range of 50-200 and is by default set at a range of 100. Moving the slider close to the right would help you to Zoom in on Discord, and moving it to the left would help in Zooming Out. This is a very simple technique and is quite user-friendly. One can also use the shortcuts Ctrl + +/- or Ctrl + 0 to reset to the default (100) for changing the fonts without accessing the menu.

Using a Different Font while Messaging

As mentioned earlier, it is prohibited to use any other font than the default one while messaging in Discord within the app itself. In case you want to use other fonts, you need to download and use any of the great text generators available online. Some of the most recommended text generators that are widely used are FontSpace, FancyTextGenerator, and ExoticFonts. There are many other options available online. Choose wisely that suits you best and treats your eyes the best.

To use the Font Generators, follow the below simple steps:

Firstly write your message on the website

Choose the style/font you wish to give

Copy the same from the website board

Now, Paste the same into Discord, and your job is done.

Alternatively, you can use Discord’s built-in formatting option to make any other changes you wish to give to your message.

Discord will come up with more options for such modifications to your messages that you can go for customizing as per your choice, giving it a nice appearance and making it more attractive.

Until this feature is launched, enjoy using it by following the above guide that would help you.

Experiencing difficulties with your Device, check out our “How To” page on how to resolve some of these issues.


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