Change Google Assistant Voice and Language

Google Assistant was launched with only one voice and language, a female voice with an American English accent. But, Google has made some advancements and expanded the assistant to contain multiple languages and voices. There are several accents added in the Google Assistant, such as Australian and Britain accents. Thus, users can now change the default language and voice of the assistant quickly from the phone settings. This article will show you how to change Google Assistant voice and language settings on Android and iOS devices.

How To Change Google Assistant Voice And Language:

The method to change Google Assistant voice and language is easy, and it can be switched on all phones irrespective of region and language. Let us guide you on how you can change the voice and language of the Google Assistant on your smartphone.

Change Voice on Android

It is easy to change the voice of the Google Assistant on your Android device with the help of a Google app or voice command. However, you need to remember that the voice will apply on all of your devices sharing the same Google Account and Google Home and smart screens.

Follow these steps to change the voice:

Go to the Google app on your Android device and choose After, you can find it in the lower right corner.

Choose Settings on the next page and go to Google Assistant.

On the next page, please scroll down and find the Voice Assistant option and open it.

Now you will be able to change the voice of your Google Assistant.

Google makes use of various colors to denote Assistant voice. It can be red, orange, or any color. Drag these circles and choose the voice options and choose the one you like.

Change Language on Android

Just like the voice, you will also be able to change the language of your Google Assistant with the help of a Google app or using a voice command.

Follow these steps to change the language:

Open the Google app and choose More, next go to settings.

On the next page, choose Google Assistant. Now, scroll down to find Languages.

Tap the first option to change your primary language.

You can also add a language by choosing Add a language + option and choose any language from the list.

Change Voice and Language on iPhone

Changing the voice and language settings for Google Assistant on iOS is quite similar to Android. However, iOS has its own Google Assistant app, which requires access to its settings.

So, if you don’t like Google Assistant’s default voice, you can now quickly alter the voice and language options.

Personalize Google Assistant Voice and Language According to Your Preferences

Google Assistant was launched back in 2016. Since its launch, it has expanded to almost all corners of the world, and it is now accessible in more than 90 countries and supports more than 30 languages. According to a report, Google Assistant has more than 500 million users all over the world. This number will surely grow in the future.

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