change Nat type for PS4

Sometimes when you are playing online you might find that you are often disconnected from online gaming. PS4 and PS3 have been known to have these issues. The player may be require to change several settings to get the most from the games played online. To solve the disconnection on The PS one needs to change The Network Address Translation commonly known as NAT. How to change Nat type for PS4?


Once the NAT has been changed a significant improvement in the game of interest will be experienced. NAT types vary in the type of devices being used. The users can change the NAT type for PS4 from one type to another.


How to change Nat type for PS4?

change Nat type for PS4

How to find out NAT type for PS4

The users need to know the type of NAT their devices have to make the most convenient changes. The users need to know their NAT type to change it to the most convenient. There are many types of NAT types which may include the following mentioned below.


NAT Type 1:

These are mainly caused by the router or firewall. When DMZ is enabled the NAT issues will be experienced. These means that you are not connected to stable router connectivity.


NAT Type 2 or Moderate:

These means that the PS3 and PS4 is connected properly and you should not experience a problem when playing the game of preference.


NAT Type 3 or strict:

These enable the users to connect to PSN and perform downloads.

To find the appropriate NAT type the user can go to Settings and click on the Network settings option. Select the internet connection test. Once you discover the NAT type it’s easier to change NAT type for PS4 by using the following steps:


Step 1: Find out how to connect to the router by searching for the IP address assigned to the router. The address can be typed into the web browser of preference. 

These require the user to put in their administrator login and passwords. This information can be accessed on the bottom of the router or in the manual that came with the router.


Step 2: Enable the UPnP function on the router. There are two ways to do these. First set a static IP address and assign DMZ or open up some ports and assign it to the console.


Step 3: The way the ports are forwarded will vary from router to router. Open the most convenient port which is determined by the type of game to be played by the gamer


Step 4: Opening the ports will automatically change the NAT type incorporating the current NAT type.


Method 2:

DMZ is a network that enables devices to receive connections from the outside but will remain prone to intruders and data manipulators. To change NAT settings, the user can:


Step 1: Locate the DMZ settings in the router menu. The router setting provide details on the DMZ settings


Step 2: Enable DMZ and input the IP address of the PS4.


Step 3: Open the settings option on the PS4 and see if the NAT type is deferent.


Step 4: Run the IP address through the device browser to make the changes effective. These automatically change the NAT of the gaming devices.

Forwarding ports is a safer method but it doesn’t work all the time. If the user prefers to forward ports menu the method provided in here can act as a guide:


Step 1: Find the forwarding ports menu in the router settings. The name depends on the router type but usually is indicated virtual servers.


Step 2: Insert custom forwarding ports. There are several types which include 80 TCP,3478 TCP and UDP,3479 TCP and 3480 TCP. The user should assign a name and IP address to each port for easier navigation.


Step 3: Check the NAT type on the PS4 to determine whether the changes have been applied.


After making these changes your NAT type will usually switch to type 2 regardless of the method. To switch to the completely open type one needs to remove the router for the PS4 to communicate to the internet.


How NAT works

Network Address Translation is a method where a network address sets a public IP address for all the devices on the same network. A NAT type reduces the number of IP address in one private network.


One of the advantages of the NAT type is its ability to hide your private IP address which keeps the network being used securely. This is convenient for the connections that are made internally such as browsing the internet.


How to Set NAT on IP address

The router sometimes isn’t able to recognize which internal IP address the connection is intended for. The external connections can be connected to any IP address being used for Multiplayer game lobbies.


What is the use of NAT?

When playing any PS game the user needs to be connected to a port necessary for internet connections. The user needs to ensure that the ports can be connected to multiple devices.


Wrapping up


Playing Games on any PlayStation is an exciting activity. The players need to have a PlayStation that is fully functional to enable them to make the most out of the PlayStation. Changes made to the latest NAT settings provide users with the most convenient connectivity. I hope the above-mentioned guide helped you through your question, “How to change Nat type for PS4”. Internet is a vital aspect that provides users with an awesome experience during gameplay.


NAT type varies and the user can adjust it to the most appropriate type to use for their gaming needs. From the methods provided above the user can select the most convenient NAT type. PS4 is an exciting PlayStation with a productivity rate appropriate for many users. The users can select the best Games to suit their gaming needs. Online gaming is favorable by many in that the users can connect to players across the internet.


Experiencing difficulties with your Device, check out our “How To” page on how to resolve some of these issues.


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