Update Apple Studio Display Firmware

Unlike other computer monitor displays that don’t get any firmware updates, apple’s 27-inch 5k studio display is different. Since it comes with its dedicated a13 processor (the same chip apple used in the iPhone 11) and it runs on iOS. So it can power the audio output and manage webcam processing. In addition to that, apple issues all the latest updates meant for the firmware. This update is for software to provide some control for the display. Recently apple issued its first studio display firmware update, which is version 15.4. It provides support for boot camp on intel-based macs and improves the stability of the display. Apple will soon release another update where they will fix visual quality issues with the built-in webcam. If you own apple’s 27-inch 5k studio display and wondering how to update apple studio display firmware, keep reading this article.

How to check the firmware version of studio display

If you want to see the version number of the current studio display software, then here’s how you can do it. But first, you need to connect the monitor with your Mac on macOS and then go to the graphics/monitors section in the system information app. Next, follow the steps below:

First tap on the apple icon located in the top left corner of your screen

Then click on about this mac

There you will see a system report button

A window will open up, and there will be a graphics/monitors option on the left side

Click on it. And you will see the monitor firmware version next to the “system firmware version” item.

The current version is 15.4.

How to update apple studio display firmware

If you want to update the studio display firmware, you need to use macOS 12.3 to update the interface. You can not update it from windows. Here are the steps:

Tap on the apple icon to open the apple menu bar, select system preferences

Go to the software update in the preferences window

There you can view firmware updates if available

Then tap on the update now and start the update

Once the download is done, click on restart in the notification and restart the computer

Remember not to unplug the display when download is happening.

Notes: it is normal when the download is happening, an ellipsis icon may appear, or the screen may go blank.

If you don’t see the button, that can only mean that your monitor is running on the latest software version. After the update is done, you will receive a notification saying that your firmware is ready to be installed in the upper right corner.

How to find out what’s new in the update

If you want to find out what’s new in the apple studio display update, you can check it by going to the software update section on a mac, and from there, you can view the additional list of studio display firmware changes. You can view the changes on the apple website in a special section as well.

Let’s take a look at the changelog of the latest studio display 15.4 firmware available:

Added support for boot camp on macs with an intel processor

To use studio display with a mac, you need macOS Monterey 12.3 or later

Minor stability improvements

That’s it for this article. You can now easily download the latest version of your apple studio display 15.4 firmware. And if you want to download the upcoming version, you can do it by following the steps mentioned above.

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