How to count text messages on iPhone

iPhone has been a revolution in the smartphone industry. Right from the year 2007, when it was launched, it has ruled the market. The smart device has gained so much of popularity that it is no more looked like a device, but a symbol of status. iPhone is very expensive and provides an experience like no other smartphone. One more reason why iPhones are successful is because of iOS. Apple users are more secured with their data because iOS is made in such a manner that doesn’t allow outside bugs, malware and viruses to enter through its system, unlike Android.

iPhones also got famous because of the simple UI ( User Interface). You can call and text anyone you want just by a few simple taps. Now there is something which many iPhone users don’t know. It is how to count text messages on iPhone. So if you want to learn to do that, follow the simple steps mentioned below.

How to count text messages on iPhone 

How to count text messages on iPhone

Click on the home button of your iPhone. If you are using an iPhone which only has gestures, go to the home screen with the help of gestures.

If your iPhone is locked, unlock it with your fingerprint or face id or password, whatever you have set the lock to be.

Now, look at the springboard, which you will find below in the home screen. You will see the message icon which you use to receive and send a text. When you open it, you will see a red circle on the upper right-hand corner of your screen. There will be a number highlighted there. That number represents the total number of messages that you have.

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  1. No it does not. It displays how many NEW or Unread messages you have. Not the total. OK so article is over a year old but since 2007 it has always displayed the unread number of texts or number of missed calls in red or number of unread emails in red with their associated icons.


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