Pegasus Spyware

Last week Pegasus Spyware was all over the news as there were hundreds of articles on that spyware in publications globally. The Pegasus Spyware was developed by a company based in Israel. This spyware was used to steal Journalists’ information, human right activist and famous politicians, mainly from India.

Amnesty International and other global publications unearthed the news that Pegasus Spyware was spying on Journalists and politicians.

A new tool was released by Amnesty International that researched this spyware along with other media outlets. This new tool can check if your devices were compromised by this spyware or not.

MVT or Mobile Verification Toolkit is a tool that identifies if your device was infected by Pegasus or not. MVT is available for both iOS and Android, and it requires some command-line knowledge. Users can download the tool from its official GitHub page.

As the MVT is available for both Android and iOS, the usage and method to operate on both platforms are different. According to Amnesty International, there are more forensic traces of this Pegasus Spyware on iPhone than on Android. Therefore, it is easy for this tool to identify the spyware on iPhone compared to Android.

Additionally, the Mobile Verification toolkit will take a complete backup of your iPhone even if user jailbreaks their iPhone. Then the toolkit will check all the traces of this spyware on the user’s iPhone. If there have been any compromises by the Pegasus spyware, the toolkit will give detail.

Users who have an encrypted iPhone backup can also use this tool or decrypt their iPhone backup.

On Android, this tool will scan the backup folder of all text messages to find out the traces of illegal usage. MVT is also available for PC users, and those who have some knowledge about the command line can install this tool on their PC’s.

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