How To Clean PS5

Dust is referred to as the number one enemy of our consoles and computers. So, before it is too late, you must learn the process of cleaning your PS5. The process is pretty simple, and almost anyone is capable of doing it without causing any harm to the console. The process revolves around cleaning the fan and it’s air ducts as well, for revealing the fan, you will need to lift it’s case. A much more professional cleanup will need to open your console’s inner plate to clean the motherboard. However, we won’t recommend doing it as dust will not reach this far in your console.

When to clean your PS5?

Over time, particles, dust, and other enemies accumulate within your PS5. Mostly, they sit on the fans and the air ducts. Because of extreme dust accumulation, it becomes impossible for the fans to take the cold air inside your console. For hardware of every kind, dust is inevitable. Dust build-up leads to overheating. You can easily check if this is occurring on your PS5.

  • Your console sounds louder than usual
  • You are experiencing app or game crashes
  • The PS5 feels hot when touched
  • The performance of the console is slower than usual, such that it is taking a longer time in the loading of games
  • You can see green, black, or any other crash screens while playing

All hardware pieces have a maximum temperature that they can handle. Therefore, dust accumulation may lead to the permanent failure of your hardware. To prevent this damage, you must clean PS5 up every month or every two months at least. However, this frequency will reflect the condition and setup of your home. If your backyard has a garden, your house may be dirtier than usual. Or if you have pets, carpeted floors and smoke, dust can accumulate quickly. Most consoles will not need anything bigger than surface-level dusting.

Products needed to clean your PS5

Cleaning your PS5 controller and console is pretty simple and does not need any expensive equipment. The finest products that you must use to clean your system include:

  • A low-powered vacuum or canned air
  • A microfiber cloth or a terrycloth
  • Q-tips
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Compressed air
  • A soft toothbrush
  • A spudger or a plastic pry to open the plate of PS5
  • A flat-head screwdriver or a coin for taking the stand out
  • Tweezers
  • A Philips Head screwdriver or a T8 screwdriver for deep fan cleaning

While cleaning your PS5, using only the recommended products is vital. If you substitute any of the above-mentioned products for others that you might already have in your hand may cause more harm than good to your console.

Liquids such as soapy water may seep inside your console and damage the electrical components. The evaporative nature of Isopropyl alcohol makes it safer to use it on your PS5. As it quickly dissipates, it reduces the risk of damage to the electrical parts.

Likewise, it is crucial that you do not substitute the low-powered vacuum for any household vacuum cleaner for sucking the dust and debris out of your PS5 controller and console. Household vacuum cleaners are quite powerful as well as generate too much static electricity as well. This has the potential to damage your console seriously.

How to clean PS5?

Cleaning your PS5 is easy and fast and will not damage anything. The design of Sony allows users to open the plate without the need for any tool, and the fan can be cleaned by not touching anything else. The general steps for cleaning your PS5 includes:

  • First, turn off your console and then unplug all it’s cables, and if you are using any stand of the PS5, take that out.
  • You need to remove the faceplates. It is quite easy as they do not have screws. All you have to do is to grip it and then apply your strength downwards, and when it happens, you will feel a pop.
  • At the front of your console, there are some large holes that are prone to dust accumulation potentially. All you need is to blow the dust away. You need to clean the lids with a low-powered vacuum, a micro-fiber cloth, and a soft toothbrush.
  • Once you have sited any dust deposits, use a low-powered vacuum or compressed air to remove these.
  • Then you need to remove the fan from it’s bracket and clean it.
  • Put back the pieces.

Step 1: Take the Stand out

The foremost part is to take the stand out, but you need to follow it only if you put the stand of the PS5 vertically. You may skip if you put your stand horizontally or do not use a stand.

  • Turn the PS5 off and unplug all of the cables.
  • Next, flip your PS5 in an upside-down position having the stand face up.
  • Use a coin or else a flathead screwdriver to remove the screw of the stand.
  • Lift the stand up to remove it and lift the PS5 base.
  • Next, put the screw back in it’s slot.
  • Then using a tweezer, take out the plastic screw and put that into the screw hole.
  • Next, twist the stand of the PS5 counterclockwise to close the compartment.

If your base is placed in a horizontal direction, you need to remove it only. Put your console on it’s face simply with it’s charging port facing upward. After that, lift the base up to remove it.

Step 2: Remove the plate of your PS5

Next, you need to take out the PS5 plate for some deep cleaning. You need no tools for this. However, if it gets difficult, you might use a spudger or a plastic pry.

  • First, you need to lift the corner of that top faceplate, the one having a PlayStation logo. With your nails or plastic, pry lift it until it is unclipped from the case.
  • When the corner is lifted, you need to slide the plate toward the bottom of the device.
  • Also, remove the left faceplate.
  • Next, plate your console on any clean table. Never place it on a carpet or rug.
  • Remove the lower and upper platter before you go through the cleanup process.

Step 3: Clean the plates

The foremost part of the cleaning process revolves around the lid. To clean the plates, use a vacuum. Use a microfiber cloth containing a bit of alcohol to clean it deeper. This will ensure that if there is any kind of sticky gunk on your console, it gets softened, and the microfiber cloth cleans away. Now, if you do not have a microfiber cloth, you may use a regular cloth, cue tips, a wipe, or a brush. Do not overspray the isopropyl alcohol on the body of your console and drench your microfiber cloth in it. You need to ensure that each part you rub with the alcohol is completely dry, everytime. However, alcohol will evaporate on it’s own in just a few seconds.

Step 4: Clean the Exhaust Vents and the Intake

Now, the next step is cleaning the air intake from the dust. This is where the air goes in and out of the console. So, it is paramount to clean it.

  • Clean the bottom vents using a brush. Your goal is to take the dust out.
  • Use a vacuum or canned air to dust the area off.
  • With your brush, clean the top intakes.
  • In a similar manner, dust the area off.
  • Next, remove the vents and further clean them.

Step 5: Clean the Fan

It is a great idea to remove the fan and clean it deeply.

  • Remove the four screws of your fan plate.
  • Next, remove the plate.
  • With a plastic pry, remove the plastic cover present below the fan.
  • Suing your tweezers, remove the connection. You need to pull that up quite gently.
  • With your hands, pull out the fan.
  • Clean that with your cloth, brush, or cue tips. Also, use a little alcohol.
  • You need to clean both sides of the fan.
  • With a soft brush, clean the heatsink fins present inside the fan spot.
  • Using a vacuum, remove the dust, rust, and debris within the fins.

Once done, you need to reattach both the faceplates of the PS5. Place the stand onto your PS5 back. Then reconnect it to the mains and after that, return your console to it’s previous position in your home setup.

Wrapping up

Prevention goes a long way to keep dust at bay. Using an air purifier, any build-up can be combatted. But it will only do some of the work, and you will have to regularly replace the filters. Even if it is just an external wipe, it is sensible to clean the PS5 faceplates. Also try to ensure placing your PS5 on the top of a table to avoid the floor. Definitely, ensure that those surfaces are regularly cleaned too.

Sony recommends confirming that the air vents on the back and side of your PS5 Console have a minimum of 10cm of free space and are not obstructed or blocked. Particularly, it advises avoiding placing your PS5 in a cramped or narrow space and not permitting the dust to build up around and in the air vents of your PS5.

Experiencing difficulties with your Device, check out our “How To” page on how to resolve some of these issues.


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