Apple’s iPhones have the best cameras among smartphones that capture great photos and videos. This year with the introduction of the iPhone 13, Apple make it’s cameras better than the previous generation also the company introduces cinematic video recording mode.

The only problem here is that with all these great features, the photos and videos capture from the iPhone are of high quality and take up a lot of space.

In this article, we will show how you can compress videos taken from your iPhone so that you can easily share the videos with friends and family through emails and instant messaging applications.

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The iPhone also allows users to record videos in 4K resolution or 1080p resolution which needs to be compressed so that you can share videos with others through emails and messaging services.

How to compress videos on iPhone?

Unfortunately, Apple didn’t provide any default method to compress large videos. Users have to use third-party applications to compress any videos on iPhone or videos that are recorded through iPhone.

However, users can record low-quality videos from iPhones so that they can’t take much space and can be shared easily. For this, all they need to do is to change the recording quality in the camera settings. Just open settings, search for a camera, then head to record video and select the video quality.

If you already have the video of high quality recorded from iPhone then you need to follow the steps below to compress the videos.

As mentioned, Apple didn’t offer a default video compressor so you need to depend on the third-party video compressor.

Open the app store and search for the video compress app.

Download the video compress app and open it.

Once you open the app, tap on the “+” sign on the home screen.

Allow all the permissions that the app asks to continue the process.

Once you give all the permissions, a list of videos will appear. Select the video that you want to compress. Users will also have the option to select multiple videos at the same time.

Now, the app will ask users to select the level of compression of videos. There are a few options that users can select. They can choose from full-HD quality to 360p quality. The full-HD quality can compress a video at 28.6 MB per minute while 360p quality can compress a video at 3.6 MB per minute.

After you select your preferred video quality, the app will ask you to select the destination to save the video.

Once you select the destination, the compression process will begin which may take up to 30 seconds or more.

The app will ask users if they want to keep the original video or not once the compression process finishes.

That’s it. This is how you can compress high-quality videos recorded from iPhones.

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