Connect Fitbit Versa To Wi-Fi

The Fitbit Versa is a very famous watch cum sports bands which actively monitors all your activity. It is actually a lightweight and super efficient Smartwatch which helps you reach your fitness goals. Fitbit Versa looks great as it is made up of aluminum case and buckle. Its strap is very durable because Fitbit has used the same material which is used is used by top sports watch manufacturers. Versa can calculate your footsteps, consumed calories, sleep and other activity accurately.

The watch comes with many advanced features. It can connect to any Smartphone which makes it easy for you to keep a record of your activity data. Fitbit has also added Wi-Fi access to the watch so that it can download stuff from the internet.

But many Fitbit Versa users find connecting their watch to a Wi-Fi network quite difficult so let’s make things a bit easier. Today we will tell you a very simple method using which you can easily connect your Fitbit Versa to a Wi-Fi network.

Steps to Connect Fitbit Versa To Wi-Fi

Connect Fitbit Versa To Wi-Fi

Click the Account icon on your Fitbit Versa dashboard.

Now tap in the Wi-Fi settings on your watch.

This will open the add network page. Here click on add network.

Now follow the onscreen instructions where you will be asked to choose a network.

Done! Your Fitbit Versa will now be connected with that particular Wi-Fi network.

Your watch will now automatically download apps and new music when it is in the network range and connected to the charger

If you wish to change to another network here is how it’s done.

Go to the account icon from the Fitbit Versa dashboard.

Click on Wi-Fi settings.

Now, wait for the watch to load the list of available networks.

Tap on the desired network and then tap the connect button.

Your watch will now be connected to that network.

However keep in mind that your watch can only connect to open, WPA Personal, WEP and WPA2 personal network. You cannot connect it to a public Wi-Fi requiring logins and subscriptions. If you don’t have access to Wi-Fi network, you can even connect it to your mobile’s hotspot. Just create an open network and connect your watch. But this may consume a lot of cellular data which might result in high charges.


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