create a notification light for Galaxy S10 Camera Cut-Out

If you want to get more out of the notch of your Samsung Galaxy S10, download the app “Holey Light” and turn it into practical LED notifications.

Holey Light (By Chainfire) is an interesting application to convert the front camera of Samsung S10 into a beautiful and attractive LED notification.

Let us learn how you can easily and quickly create a notification light for Galaxy S10 Camera Cut-Out.

How to create a notification light for Galaxy S10 Camera Cut-out

Holey Light application has an extremely simple interface in which we see two different options. First, this application will show a halo of light around the notch when we have the phone on.

Secondly, it also shows us the notification light when the phone is blocked, that is much more interesting. However, there are certain limitations in the last option and is that we will only see the LED animation if the terminal is charging the battery at that time. However, if you missed a good LED notification in this high-end, thanks to Holey Light now you can have it and for free.

How to install and configure Holey Light in Samsung S10

Step 1: Install the Holey Light App:

Open Google Play Store and search for Holey Light app.

How to create a notification light for Galaxy S10 Camera Cut-Out

Step 2: Enable Permissions:

After the installation, once you open the app, you will need to go through a quick set up process and you will be asked to enable permissions. Just tap “Ok” and proceed and it’s done.

Other important information:

Before proceeding with the installation of Holey Light you have to know that, for the time being, it is in beta, so you may encounter some other problem and some inconsistency when correctly displaying notifications.

But do not worry, once you open Holey Light, you will have to allow access to the notifications so that it can be illuminated by the LED. Accept this and, in the next request for permission, you will have to make sure that Bluetooth and Wifi are activated.

In order for Holey Light to work properly, you will have to deactivate the Always On Display functions and set the device to lock when the screen is turned off.

From the configuration of the application, you have to go to the “Lock screen” menu, touch the security settings in the lock and activate the option “Immediately”. With this, the application is ready to use.

You can also modify some settings. Navigation from the Holey Light application is very intuitive, and we can choose the type of notifications, the color with which the circle will illuminate with each of them or the speed of the animation, which will help us to identify the type of content for every occasion.

Use it as notifications for WhatsApp, Gmail, and Facebook:

You can even control how to mark notifications when they are marked as views. In doing so, the animation of the ring will stop appearing.

An ideal and useful measure if you want to leave the warning out of sight if the notification is discarded from the inbox. A good option is to have control of our notifications, although we remember that it is an application in beta phase.

It works well in applications such as WhatsApp, Gmail or Facebook, but it still has some other problems in others such as Google Calendar or Facebook Messenger. Problems that will be corrected as the app reaches its final version, once it finishes its testing phase.

The application of Holey Light is free, without ads and has a size of 1.56 MB although it may vary depending on the device.


  1. This app hasn’t been touched since April, and it’s pretty bad. Personally, LED Me Know works so much better and the developer is constantly updating it.

    • I was not aware of this.. and I do enjoy LED Me Know too and it’s also comforting that it is continually being updated. Thank you for your input.


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