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Starting from 1st June 2021, Google has stopped offering free unlimited storage in Google Photos. Users are restricted to only 15 GB of free storage. If that storage fills out then they have to buy a monthly subscription plan to continue backing up data.

Previously, Google offered free unlimited cloud storage for high-resolution photos and video backup. But this has changed as Google stopped offering unlimited storage for photos and videos.

Now, users have to be very careful of what they are backing up as they only have 15 GB of space for free, if that space fills out then they have to buy a monthly subscription plan from Google.

Google on the other hand also stores everything related to users, be it personal information, search history, and many more in a number of its databases. So you have to be very careful of what you are backing up.

If you already store the number of images and videos in Google Photos, it is time to remove some of them especially those that are not very important to clear up some space.

Here are some of the possibilities of deleting your photos in the app.


Many of you know the term archive as it is used many times. If you archive photos then they will be removed from the list but can later be recovered if you want. So if you are archiving any image or video then you are not deleting it permanently.


It is the first step of permanently deleting the photos from the app. If you delete the photo or video, it will be moved to the trash folder. The trash folder keeps the deleted file for 60 days after that it will be removed permanently. You still have 60 days after deleting the photo so if you changed your mind then you can restore it but after 60 days it will be permanently deleted.

Take a Backup:

To delete the photos make sure to go through every photo so that you don’t delete the important one. If you want to move the photos to another cloud storage then back up the photos to the local drive before moving out.

Deleting images from Google Photos:

Deleting Single Images:

It is a simple step just open the image and click on the bin icon on the top of the image to delete it. The image will then move to the trash folder where it stays for 60 days. On the browser, you will find a bin icon at the top while on smartphones the icon is placed at the bottom of the image.

If you don’t want to wait for 60 days to get all the images permanently removed just clear the trash folder. On a smartphone, you can do that by tapping the library section in the Google photos app. In the library section, you will find four folders, tap on the trash to open it. Then tap on the three dots at the top right corner and tap on Empty trash, it will permanently delete all the photos.

On the web browser, you will find the Trash folder on the left panel of the screen, open it and you will empty trash at the top. Select it to permanently delete the photos if you want to do it using your Pc or a web browser.

Deleting Folders:

If you save your images in different folders then it will be easy for you to delete a large number of images at a single time. You can also delete the folder by selecting the folder and tap on the bin icon to delete it. To delete multiple photos select them by tapping on them one by one and then press the bin icon.

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