How To Delete Reddit History

Privacy is essential, and things can get very complicated these days with a breach of confidentiality. So, it is always better to have full control over your own privacy. Reddit is one of the most used websites these days, and deleting history is one of the best ways to protect one’s privacy. On the other hand, Reddit can be complicated to use, so deleting it’s history is not very easy. Here we have mentioned how to delete Reddit history from your account.

How to delete Reddit history from an account?

One needs to understand how tracking history works. Reddit is a website that doesn’t track the history of an individual account, but it is the browser that tracks and keeps the history. The website stores the history in the website cache. When we talk about the old Reddit account, their history is stored in the autofill history related to the browser.

To instantly delete the history, you must delete the cached and autofill history. It will erase all the contents, including your Reddit passwords and even the files stored.

How to delete limited parts of the history from Reddit?

There are times one doesn’t want to get rid of all the data on the account. In this case, deleting the entire cache is not the best option. Hence you can also select the items you want from the list of the history. When you click the search field, you will also get numerous options that were searched before. You can also long-tap the option and then get rid of the history.

Another way to delete multiple parts of the search

Once the list is displayed, you can select the items you want to delete from the list. It is far more straightforward than a long press on the items to be deleted.

Here is how to proceed with it:-

  • Navigate and go to the main Reddit website. Go to the search box. It works on both the Reddit application and also on the main website. Sometimes the settings might differ, and due to differences in the versions, you might find it difficult to navigate to the search box and find the relevant history with the related keyword.
  • Once you move to the search tab, you can select the X or the trash bin mark displayed. If you cannot see the items you want to remove from the list, you can always type a few words related to the item you wish to delete to get the suitable option.

How to delete history from Reddit on iOS and Android?

Now that we know about the web browser, we will tell you how to delete history from iOS and android systems. Since most of the applications these days are running on the latest versions, deleting history is more or less similar in every device. Android and iOS work differently, and hence the method to delete the history can also be different.

  • Tap the user icon and further navigate to the settings
  • There is an option to clear history that pops up on the list
  • The option might say to delete the local history
  • Once you tap the option, search, and the local history will be deleted

Can the main search history be deleted?

People don’t understand the difference between main search history and local search history. The local history is the one that gets displayed on the main search tab. The site history is the one that gets stored in the Reddit database. Selecting the website history is not enough, as it will not erase the search history. Every time someone clicks on the search tab, the history of the relevant searches will be displayed. Hence you will need to delete the searches one at a time. There is no other option to delete them together; therefore, it all comes down to delete them separately.


How to clear Reddit history quickly?

If you want to delete the log pages of the websites you have visited, then you can go to the settings options and select the history and further delete it quickly.

Is deleting the Reddit cache important?

One must understand that Reddit does not have its own cache, so you will have to delete the cache of the browser in which Reddit was running.

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