how to cancel Netflix on Android

Netflix is one of the most popular online streaming platforms available in the world. The reason behind its huge popularity is because Netflix has produced a lot of original content that has been hit. But one thing is common amongst the people who use this streaming service, that is after a certain time, you get bored with it. How much content can you consume anyways? You just feel like dropping out of watching the tv shows and movies. So there are different meanings of deleting your Netflix account. One meaning is to just delete your profile. So how to cancel Netflix on Android? Mentioned below are the steps you should follow.

Steps to delete only a profile on Netflix

how to cancel Netflix on Android

So sometimes it’s not the account that you want to delete but just want to delete your profile. Sometimes to add new users, you want to delete the old people’s profiles who are not using the account anymore. For doing that, you can easily reset the profile preferences by deleting the profile by going to the ‘Manage Profiles’ option on the application. Then click on the ‘Delete Profile’ button to remove that particular profile from your Netflix account.

Steps to delete your Netflix account 

You can’t delete an account on your own, you can just cancel it. So how do you cancel Netflix on App? Go to the application and click on Settings. In Settings, find the option ‘my subscriptions’ and then you will be able to see the current plan you are using. Click on cancel subscription now. Once you have canceled your account subscriptions, then you won’t have to worry about deleting it anymore. Netflix will just delete your account in 10 months automatically if you don’t resubscribe.


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