It is not a surprise that companies track user’s location with the help of their apps and the iPhone is no different. Apple Maps on iPhone also tracks user’s location. iPhone users can also see that Apple Maps track their location by just visiting the maps application. They will see the list of locations they visit recently.

Apart from Maps, there are a plethora of applications that track users’ locations and other information. And the creepiest thing is that we as users don’t know exactly what these companies will do from the information they collect.

Many apps require Wi-Fi and GPS to find out the location of a user at the moment. The location access also gets very beneficial to users in situations when you use maps regularly to find out locations or the fastest route or when users use food delivery or ride-hailing apps regularly. It also helps you if you use use “Find My App” application very often to locate their iPhones. However, giving location access to every app is not recommended and can cause privacy issues.

Users should check which app uses their locations and other permissions. With the new privacy option in iOS14 and above, iPhone users always have the option to disable locations for certain apps.

How to Turn off Location Services on iPhone?

On iPhone, there are some default apps and services that need location access to work. The apps like “Find My Device”, and services like “Emergency Calls” and “Cell Network Search” will require location access to work efficiently. If you don’t use these apps and services very often then you should disable location access to these apps and services. To do that follow the steps:

Open Settings

Navigate privacy and tap on it to open privacy settings. Location settings and permission are always under the privacy tab in iPhone.

On the “Privacy” section look for the “Location Services”.

Then navigate the “System Services”, which you will find at the bottom of the page.

In “System Services” you will find the built-in services that are using location access.

You will find the “On” and “Off” toggle next to each service. Remember these are all the built-in iPhone services and some of these require location access to work properly. If you don’t use certain services then tap the toggle next to it to disable the location access to it.

The above process is to disable location access to built-in services that come with the iPhone. If you want to disable location access to apps then the process is similar.

Go back to the “Location Services” page and you will find the list of apps displayed that are currently installed on your iPhone.

Look for the app you want to deny location access. Tap on it and you will find three options. “Never”, “Always” and “While Using”. Choose among these three options depending on your app needs and you are good to go.

This is how you can disable unnecessary location access to apps and services on iPhone.

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