Disable Location Tracking On Android

Years ago, if I told you that your phone or PC could easily track your current location and keep track of your movements, you would surely be impressed and elated. And yes, while some of us might still find it impressive, it is not really good news for all of us!

After all, nobody likes having their privacy and personal space invaded by an artificial device that tracks their every move. Location tracking is now an inbuilt feature on many smartphones, and many other apps are dependent on it. For instance, google maps, weather alert apps, GPS, and other apps require location tracking to be turned on. And of course, having a location tracker is really helpful if you are trying to avoid traffic and busy roads, find the nearest gas station or restaurant or try to see if any storm will get in your way.

Nonetheless, there have been many privacy concerns, and other issues reported, with many criticizing the location tracking feature. After all, our phones are private objects for most of us, so it is not such a great idea to have some invisible person tracking our every move.

If you are using an Android device, be it a mobile phone or a tablet, in this article, we will explore how you can disable location tracking on Android and live life the way you want.

How to disable location tracking on Android:

Method 1- Disable Location Tracking via the Settings Menu

Location tracking is another setting option available on Android devices. If you reset the settings, then you can disable this option. Detailed below are the steps to disable location tracking via the settings menu:-

Head to the Settings menu on your phone

Type “Activity Controls” in the search box

Select the google account that you wish to manage if you happen to have more than one account on your device

Now you can completely turn off or even pause the monitoring of different activities by enabling the auto-delete option and managing a timeline of your activity.

Method 2- Disable Location tracking Via the Location Control

If you simply want only your location to be hidden, do not mind Google keeping a record of all your other activities, such as search history and preferences, then this method would be ideal for you. Let us check out the steps to be followed to disable location tracking by using the location control option.

Go to the quick settings menu on your Android phone by swiping down from the top of the screen

Press for a long time on the location icon

Alternatively, you can swipe down, tap the settings icon, and select location

Now that you have reached the location page, you need to simply toggle the location feature at the top. You can simply toggle it to on and off location.

Depending on your convenience and preferences, you can decide which of the following methods you will opt for to disable the location tracking on your Android device.

Experiencing difficulties with your Device, check out our “How To” page on how to resolve some of these issues.


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