disable screen lock

For some users the lock screen is useless, and it irritates them to, again and again, unlock the screen. So android comes with the features to disable screen lock. It is a very easy process to follow.

How to Disable Lock Screen

Step 1

You have to open settings app from either the apps menu or by scrolling down the notification window and clicking on the Settings option at the top right of the screen.

Step 2

Next scroll down and search the security button and click on it. You will see a number of options in front of you. The first option will be the screen lock, tap on it.

Step 3

After tapping on it, if you already have a screen lock set up, it will ask you to unlock it by either putting in the pin or the pattern.

Step 4

After you have successfully unlocked the Security Settings, you will get a few options. The first one will be “None”, clicking on it will remove any kind of screen lock you have. That’s it; you won’t have to worry about unlocking your phone every time you are using your phone.

disable screen lock

Keep in mind though after you have disabled the screen lock for your device, it will be accessible by pretty much who can get his/her hands on it. So a suggestion, if you are unlocking your phone, make sure you have your apps locked and secured which contain personal information which can be used for felonies, such as using your images for illegal purposes and using your banking apps for laundering your hard earned money into other accounts. So, unlock the screen at your own risk, if it gets lost too, it can be a lot of trouble.



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