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Twitch is not just a fantastic resource of entertainment but also a major source of income for many streamers. In the past decade, Twitch has become one of the most important staples of internet streaming. Twitch hosts celebrities, YouTubers, streamers, and film festivals too. A vital part of the twitch experience is a donation. From bigger names like Ninja to various smaller streamers with only a thousand or hundred followers and subscribers, earning through donations. Even the generosity of the fans in the form of gifts, bits, donations, or subscriptions decides the best Twitch streamers. There are various ways in which Twitch permits the fans to support their most favorite creators. Now, if you are wondering about how can you support a favorite streamer and donate on Twitch, we have got everything covered.

Supporting creators

On Twitch, the earning of a streamer from their fans depends on various factors. Someone with less than 1 million followers is not likely to live off what they earn. The streamer does not receive the entire amount that is paid even for subscriptions because Twitch takes a portion. Basically, for every subscriber, the streamer gets to earn half of what is paid by the subscriber. Donations made in the form of bits are valued at $0.01 for every bit donated. Donations received via the third-party links or sites shared by the streamers on their profile are not affected by Twitch. Those donations can be kept by the streamers. The amount that the streamers earn via ads depends on their contracts. We have compiled some basic instructions explaining how you can support your favorite streamer.

Subscribing on Twitch:

The easiest way of supporting your favorite content creator on the Twitch platform is by following them and subscribing to their channel. On Twitch, subscriptions cost money- the exact price will depend on the subscription tier you opt for and the place you live.

The low-priced Tier-1 subscription costs Rs.110 in India, $4.99 in the U.S, and €4.99 in the U.K. Subscriptions of tiers 2 and 3 are pricier and offer additional advantages to the subscribers as more emotes.

Subscribing with Prime:

If you have a subscription to Amazon Prime and your Twitch account is using the same e-mail id as your subscription to Amazon prime, you will be able to subscribe to one channel of Twitch every month for free. If you have an available prime subscription that you can use on the Twitch platform, you will find a section named “Free subscription with prime twitch”.

After that, you can find a button that mentions “Start your trial”. Now, with the help of your amazon prime membership, you can click this button to subscribe to your required channel. Note that this works only if the streamer has either Partner or Affiliate status on Twitch. The content creator to whom you wish to subscribe to may not have that status. Then, you will not be able to utilize your free subscription and have to use it the regular way or wait for the creator to achieve the Affiliate status.

Donating Money:

Many streamers are known to accept donations on their page. To support your favorite streamer and donate on Twitch, you have to look for the Donation button if they have one. The look of the donation button will depend entirely on the streamer, so you need to search for it on your own. However, you can always ask your streamer if you are confused about the donation process. After you have found the button, you have to simply click it and thereby follow the further instructions until the process is completed. The process to donate on Twitch will depend on the service and site that the streamer is using for accepting the donations.

Though the donations methods vary, most of the streamers currently use Streamlabs, which utilizes both PayPal and credit cards. But, one thing you must note very carefully is that not every streamer accepts donations, and the amount donated cannot be refunded. So, donate the amount only that you are comfortable giving away.

Donating Bits:

On supported channels, bits are a cohesive way for donating within the twitch chat. So, if you want to donate bits, you can simply click on the icon of bits located next to the emoji icon available in the chat box. Then you have to choose a cheermote, a particular emote for bit donation that you wish to use, and the number of bits that you wish to donate.

You can also type “cheer” and then the number of bits that you wish to donate giving no space between the characters. For every bit donated by you, the streamer gets $0.01. You can buy twitch bits through the button “Get Bits”. Every time you donate bits, in the chat section, a message will show up announcing your donation.

Wrapping up

Above we have mentioned various ways via which you can donate your favorite streamer and, for a cool moment, show your excitement. If you don’t have enough funds to donate but still wish to support your favorite streamer you can do various things such as promote their streams, try being a moderator, help them with emotes or graphics, join their discord and engage in the chat for welcoming new members.

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