Download Apps On Huawei Phones

You can install applications without Google Play Store on your Huawei smartphone, and the process is quite easy. Let’s discuss different ways to download apps on Huawei phones.

Before beginning, make sure that your phone is updated to the latest software version. Follow the following steps to update your device:

Launch the app drawer and head to “settings”.

Tap on the “Systems and updates” option to open it.

Tap on ” Software update”.

The phone will automatically check whether there is any update available.

If you already have the updated version, go back to the home screen or update your device.

Once completed, you are ready for installation.

Different Ways to Download Apps On Huawei Phones Without The Play Store

Method 1: Huawei App Gallery

This option is already installed on your phone. It is an app market for Huawei users, and one can easily download applications from here. It comes with a red lag logo, and you can find it easily in your phone’s app drawer.

Open the app gallery by tapping on it.

Search for the app by tapping the search button on the feature page.

Click its entry list, and the app page will load.

Tap the “install” button at the bottom.

Once it’s installed, you will get an option to “open” it. Tap on that to use it.

Method 2: Use Huawei Petal Search

This is Huawei’s search hub, where you can search for news, images, applications, etc. This is a great way to download apps on Huawei other than the play store. If you are using a Huawei device of an older version, you have to install it from the app gallery. Let’s discuss the steps of using it:

Open Huawei Petal search, and it will take you to the page “for you”.

Tap on the search bar button and type the app you are looking for.

When you can see the search results, go to the “Apps” tab, and you will be able to see only applications.

Tap on the app you want to install, and it’ll take you to a third-party page where you can find the “install” option.

Tap the “install” option and tap on “Download”. The app is now downloaded to your phone, and you can open it by tapping on the ” open” button.

Method 3: Use Huawei Phone Clone

It is a way to port applications from another Google Play-enabled device. Though some apps can’t be downloaded this way, it is effective for most apps. It is pre-installed on your Huawei smartphone. Follow the steps to get your work done:

Find “Phone Clone” and open it.

Allow the permissions to transfer and receive data from another device.

Select “This is a new device” to permit your phone to receive data and allow permissions.

You will be able to see options of platforms to the separate device. Choose “Other android device”.

Open Google Play store on your separate device and install “phone clone”. Open it after installation.

Allow the permissions and scan the Huawei device’s QR code with a separate device.

Once you’re sure that the display details match, tap “connect”

Select your desired app from the list of the separate device and tap “ok”.

Tap on ” transfer” at the bottom of the display.

After receiving data, the separate device will show “sent”, hit ” Ok”.

You will be able to see “Transfer complete” on your Huawei device, hit “Finish”.

The apps will get downloaded.

Method 4: Use standalone APK

Though it is a comparatively complex process, it is sometimes the most effective process of downloading what you want.

Downloading via the browser

Go to your APK website of choice by opening your phone’s browser.

Search for the application.

Tap on the APK’s page and hit “Download”.

Enable storage permissions.

The APK for your application will be downloaded.

Downloading via a Windows PC

Open your browser on your PC and go to the APK website of choice.

Search for the app and hit download.

Select the downloading location on your desktop.

Connect your Huawei device with the computer using a USB cable.

Select “file transfer” on the display menu of your Huawei phone.

Open “This PC” on your desktop and double-click the Huawei device.

Go to a page with a Downloads folder.

Drag and drop the downloaded APK from PC to phone.

Your file is successfully transferred.

How to install the APK

Find the files app from the app drawer of your phone and accept permissions (If using it for the first time)

Tap “Internal Storage” and then “Download”.

After finding the APK file, tap it and hit the “install” button.

It is now downloaded successfully.

Experiencing difficulties with your Device, check out our “How To” page on how to resolve some of these issues.


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