How to download offline google maps

What would we really do without Google maps? If you are travelling to an unknown area and you coincidentally, you don’t have good internet with you then how can you return to your home? The answer might be that you have no idea about what to do in this crucial situation. If you have your map downloaded in your phone before you lost your internet connection, this will be a huge help. The GPS application works best to overcome this situation. This application is very important yet useful for people who use to travel by car or have road trips often. 

But, before depending on the offline maps and signing off to your destination, you should know that you would not be able to download the walking steps, transit and biking along with the maps. Also, you would not be able to access traffic information or substitute routes to reach your destination. It is also put into consideration that in some areas, offline downloading cannot work for you. It may be due to contractual limits and language support. 

The downloaded maps will also take some space of your phone so to check the storage of your phone before downloading maps would be a wise decision. Once you have downloaded the Google maps, you don’t need to do something special for using it, just open the GPS of your phone and here you will be provided with your respective location & you won’t need an internet connection to use the Google Maps. So keep reading the article to know how to Download Google Maps on your Android or iOS Device.

How to Download Google Maps on iPhone or iPad?

iOS and iPhone users are also familiar with the Google map application. They need to find out a convenient way to download Google maps into their phones by following relatively easy and convenient procedure.

  • Open up your Google Maps Application

download offine google maps

  • Check that you are signed in to your Google account 
  • Make sure to have a good internet connection
  • In the search bar of your Google map, put the location of your destination

download offine google maps

  • Search the location on the Google map
  • The Google map will automatically scroll to find out your input location 
  • A tab will appear at the bottom bar of your phone showing your input address and some more features. 
  • Then tap on your address 
  • On the top of your screen, you will find the three dots, by clicking that dots tap on the “more” option
  • You will then find the option of the “downloading offline maps”. 
  • Select and download

How To Download Google Maps Offline For Android Phones

To download the Google maps on your android phone is a relatively simple process than that of the iOS device. Nevertheless, some of the steps are same for both software. Along with the few changes, you can easily download Google maps on your Android.

  • Open the Google map from your phone
  • Make sure to have n activated Google account
  • Make sure to have a good internet connection
  • Then tap to the option of “Directions” that you will see at the bottom corner of the device 
  • This will use your current location id your Google map has permission to access your location
  • Now swipe your finger to the left side to reach the menu of the Google application 
  • Select offline maps
  • Now you have to select your own maps. From the screen, you can also enable your offline map settings, this feature allows you to update your offline maps automatically. 
  • It also automatically changes your downloading preferences to the wifi of data.
  • Now tap the download icon
  • Before downloading, you can also zoom out your exact location for your route. This feature is more useful when your location is new to you.
  • Now download the Google map and open it from the GPS application of your phone.

GPS plays a very important role in the modern world was due to the huge population and a very large number of residential and industrial areas are building day by day, the routes become complex to reach. In this way, this is very difficult to reach your location in time. In these consequences, GPS is a very useful and convenient way to reach your places in time. The Google maps are very useful to reach your location on time respectively.

Experiencing difficulties with your Device, check out our “How To” page on how to resolve some of these issues.


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