Schooltime on Apple Watch

Is your child getting disturbed during school hours or study time with incoming calls or text messages, or any other notification? With the introduction of a new feature known as Family Setup on Apple Watch, now you can easily set time-based limits with Schooltime. This new feature allows its users to pair additional watches with their iPhones. This feature is perfect for children and older members of the family who do not have their iPhones. So, if you are keen to know the process, read more to eliminate distractions using schooltime on Apple Watch.

What is Schooltime on Apple Watch?

With the new associated feature called Schooltime of the Family Setup, parents are allowed to remotely turn on the kid’s watches with Do Not Disturb by displaying a watch face that resembles restricted interaction. Schooltime can even be used on your Apple watch if you need to focus on an important task.

Schooltime will remove any distractions when you wish to silence all your notifications. However, you can easily check the time and do not worry about receiving your incoming emergency calls as you may still receive them even if the Schooltime is enabled.

What Is Required Before Setting the Schooltime?

To set the Schooltime schedule on your child’s Apple Watch, you will first set the Apple Watch with the Family Setup. For this, you must have an Apple Watch of Series 4 or an Apple Watch SE with cellular. You will also require an iPhone 6s with iOS 14 to set the initial setup on the Apple Watch.

How Do I Setup Schooltime Schedule On My Apple Watch?

Following the below simple steps you can easily setup Schooltime on your Apple Watch

  • Open the Control Centre from the bottom of your Apple Watch by swiping up on the watch face.
  • Go to the bottom and click on Edit.
  • Click the plus (+) button on the Schooltime button
  • Tap on the Edit Schedule
  • Select the days and the time when you want your Schooltime to be active
  • You can add multiple schedules by tapping on Add Time to set up multiple schedules in a day.
  • Tap Done

If you wish to change the schedule of the Schooltime, tap the information button on the Apple Watch which is next to the managed watch. Tap Schooltime and then select the Edit Schedule.

How Do I Temporarily Exit Schooltime?

You can easily exit the Schooltime temporarily to check your messages. To exit schooltime, you will just need to turn the Digital Crown and to confirm tap the Exit button.

How Do I Check My Schooltime Reports?

All the temporary exits of the Schooltime schedule are reported on the iPhone in the Apple Watch App with the start and end time. To check when was the Schooltime exited, go to the Watch app, select All Watches, select your child’s Apple Watch and tap on Schooltime.

The Schooltime report will also be seen on the kid’s Apple Watch. To check, go to the Settings app on the child’s watch and tap Schooltime.

How Do I Focus on an Important Task with Schooltime on my Apple Watch?

This is an additional bonus on your iPhone with the new feature. You can use this new feature on your own Apple Watch at any time you wish to focus on an important task as an alternative to Do Not Disturb. This enables you to silence your notifications and at the same time, you can check the time with fewer distractions.

Easy steps to follow:

  • To the Control Center, add the Schooltime button
  • Hold the bottom of your Apple Watch screen, and swipe upwards to go to the Control Center
  • Go to the bottom and tap Edit.
  • Select the Add button on the Schooltime button and then tap on Done.

Tap the Schooltime button in the Control Center to turn it on, and by turning the Digital Crown, you can exit by tapping on the Exit to confirm.

Whether your children are preparing for a school test or you are attending an important meeting, dedicated attention leads towards success. With this, a super helpful device can be a big distraction for you or your child. The newly added features on the Apple Watch can save you from a much worse situation.

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