iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max

After many rumors and leaks, Apple finally launched the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max earlier this week as its true flagship devices for this year. Both these devices come with some improvement over its predecessor. But the three significant improvements are the 120Hz ProMotion display, bigger battery, and better & improved triple cameras.

Apple is late to the party but finally, it brings a higher 120Hz refresh rate to its flagship devices. The company called it ProMotion display and it brings smooth scrolling thanks to the higher refresh rate.

One of the biggest disadvantages of a higher refresh rate is decreased battery timing. But Apple says that it has included an Adaptive display technology that can auto adjust the screen refresh rate based on the content to improve the battery life.

But users can always have an option to opt for the standard 60Hz refresh rate or they can permanently turn on the 120Hz refresh rate based on their liking.

Enable and Disable iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max 120Hz ProMotion Display:

Many Apple hardcore fanboys are waiting for a higher refresh rate on The iPhone and it is good that Apple allows users to enable or disable this feature based on their likings.

There are no details available yet how much impact there would be on the battery life if this feature is permanently disabled.

Follow the steps to enable or disable this option in iPhone 13 Pro and Pro max:

Open Settings app

Choose Accessibility in settings.

Navigate “Motion” and tap on it.

Scroll the page to find “Limit Frame Rate”. Turn the toggle next to it “On” to enable this feature or you can turn the toggle “Off” to disable this feature.

With the above settings option, you can enable or disable ProMotion’s 120Hz higher refresh rate in the latest iPhone Pro models.

To reach this setting directly users can also swipe down from the home screen to open universal search in iPhone and search for “Limit Frame rate”.

If this toggle is turned on then your screen refresh rate will be 120Hz while if it’s turn off then the screen refresh rate will be at standard 60Hz.

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