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Underneath we’ll get into a portion of the arrangements on How To Enable Hey Siri On IOS 9 For iOS Users.

The ‘Hey Siri’ Feature:

One of the features available on IOS 9 is a hands free mode that allows Siri to be activated using voice commands. After ensuring that the IOS 9 is plugged into a power source, you simply have to speak the phrase ‘Hey Siri’ near the phone to activate the feature. While this feature was also available on IOS 8, the new, updated app uses voice recognition technology to lock the feature to the owner’s voice only, preventing others from using the feature.

Activation Procedure:

In order to enable the feature on the IOS 9, simply perform the following steps:

1. Settings> General > Siri

2. Toggle On ‘Allow Siri’

3. Summon Siri by holding down the Home button, or calling ‘Hey Siri’ while the iPhone is connected to a power source.

4. Enter Setup screen and choose ‘Set Up Now’.

5. Follow the onscreen prompt that tells you to say ‘Hey Siri’ three times into the speaker.

6. Follow the next prompt on the screen and say two commands, ‘Hey Siri, how’s the weather’, and ‘Hey Siri, It’s me!’

7. The screen will flash a ‘Done’ signal, meaning the feature has been successfully installed.

You can additionally choose the language of communication on the ‘Language’ Tab below the Allow ‘Hey Siri’ button.


Advantages Of The Feature:

The voice recognition software ensures that only the owner has access to the iPhone through voice commands. The feature cannot be misused by someone else.

The feature is very convenient for users who wish to use the iPhone while driving, or give instructions to Siri from a distance without having to physically pick up the device.

If at some point the feature needed to be disabled, the owner would simply have to place the device face down on the ground.

Users will not have to worry about their voice information being misused, since the voice recognition feature only applies to the device in their hand and is not stored anywhere else.

The voice information can also be removed from the iPhone by turning off ‘Hey Siri’.


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