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OnePlus 6 is a powerful smartphone with amazing features. The device is nowadays giving tough competition to some of the top brands available in the market. OnePlus 6 is extremely fast and reliable in terms of performance. It can seamlessly handle multitasking and high-end games with ease. Another great feature of this smartphone is OnePlus 6 WiFi calling.

WiFi calling is a feature which allows users to make calls and text messages using the WiFi network. The benefit of this feature is that one can make calls even in the areas where the mobile network is unavailable. This means you can call or text anyone using the WiFi networks you are connected to even in the absence of cellular networks. The voice clarity of the calls is also much better than cellular networks if the connection is strong.

Here is how to enable WiFi calling on OnePlus 6

First, tap and hold on an empty place on your home screen.

Now select the widgets option.

Select the activities icon and then drop it on your home screen.

Now open activities.

Scroll down and click on settings option.

Again scroll down and then find and long press the enhance radio option. This will open a menu.

In the menu switch on the WFC Debug option.

Now go back to the activities menu by pressing the back button.

Scroll down and click and hold the WiFi calling option to open the menu.

Now you will find an option just below the search icon turn it on.

At this moment you will find an option called calling preference.

Here you will find these two preferences

OnePlus 6 WiFi calling

WiFi preferred- All calls and texts are made over the WiFi network. If there is no WiFi, then only the calls will be made through a cellular network.

Cellular preferred- All calls and text are made over cellular networks. If the network is not available, then it will be made over the WiFi network you are connected to.

Choose whatever you want.

This will enable WiFi calling on your OnePlus smartphone.


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