How to Export Facebook Notes and Text-Based Posts

A new tool on Facebook lets the users export text-based posts and notes from Facebook to other third-party services. Facebook had first introduced a feature to transfer videos and photos from platforms like Google Photos and others in 2019. However, they had limited the transfer of text-based content until recently.

If you want to transfer the text posts and notes to a different platform then Facebook gives you the option of, Blogger, and Google Docs. After you request the transfer of notes and text posts, Facebook will initiate the transfer and then send you an email once the process is complete. If you are eager to know that how to export Facebook Notes and text-based posts, then keep reading.

The process to export Facebook notes and text posts is simple. Follow the below instructions:

Steps to follow to export Facebook notes and text-based posts:

Open Facebook app

Go to Settings & Privacy

Next tap on Settings

Scroll to locate – Your Facebook Information. Under this, you will find many sub-heads. You need to click on View beside the Transfer a Copy of Your Information

You will be prompted to enter your password. Once you have entered the password you will be given the option to select the data you want to transfer to your choice of source

Since we are trying to transfer Notes and Posts, you can select the relevant options. You also have the options to choose Photos and Videos

Next, you have the option to select the destination where you want to export the information to. For instance, you can select Google Docs

In the next step, the terms and conditions will apply to their usage of your information. Give them the authorization

Tap on Confirm Transfer to complete the process

Remember – Posts that contain videos and pictures will also be transferred along with it. However, only the content that is visible on the user’s profile and that which is uploaded by the user who has requested the transfer of the content will be transferred. Any content that the user who has requested the transfer, posts on their friend’s profile will not be transferred. Any content that has been uploaded by a friend of the user requesting the transfer, will also not be transferred, irrespective of being tagged in the pictures, text, or videos.

Is there any use in transferring notes?

Facebook Notes is an easy-to-use word-processing feature that can be exciting when put to its full use. Users must be aware that status updates that are posted on the wall of Facebook have limitations when it comes to the length of characters. Moreover, it doesn’t support HTML. Notes, on the other hand, give you the option to create full-length posts which support the use of pictures, formatting, and tagging. Notes are extremely useful to create and publish content that is too lengthy.

Bloggers understand the need for Notes because this gives them the freedom to write their thoughts without having to worry about a certain word limit. Notes are a great way to assimilate blogging with social media.

Bloggers that have written memorable notes or even other users who have good notes or text-based posts that they want to save then transferring them to a different source is quite helpful.

Now that you are aware of how to export Facebook Notes and text-based posts then you can follow the steps above and transfer them. Not just that, you can also use the same steps to transfer other videos and photos to your desired place.

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