Exporting whatsapp chat history in iCloud

The most popular social messenger app on almost everyone’s phone today is none other than WhatsApp. From chatting with your loved ones to having official group conversations WhatsApp has grown so immensely that having safe custody of data becomes necessary. There comes a need to back up your data by exporting WhatsApp chat history in iCloud.

Why You Should Export Your WhatsApp Chat History In iCloud?


WhatsApp chat history includes all your chats including all your messages and your media such as photos, videos, audio messages, and also your stickers. It stores all of this for you and doing so gives you custody of your WhatsApp data by taking things off your hard drive so you don’t run out of space.


iCloud syncs your content for you across your device so you don’t need to manually move things one by one. Everything happens automatically once you are on it. That gives you a secure backup for your content. So many people forget to backup their devices daily, and when accidentally lose their phone, they end up losing their valuable staff. So, iCloud can be the best solution.


iCloud secures your information by end-to-end encryption. That implies no one except you can access your data and that too only on those devices where you are signed in to iCloud. Even Apple cannot access the data which is end-to-end encrypted.

Follow The Steps Mentioned Below For Exporting WhatsApp Chat History In iCloud:

Log on to your iCloud account with your Apple ID and turn on the cloud drive. It will take you to settings.

On the settings go to iCloud and scroll to the bottom and you will see your WhatsApp toggle switch, turn it on if it’s off.

Make sure that your iCloud drive switch is ON, if you go into your iCloud backup, it should be on as well (here you can turn off anything you don’t need).

You have now turned on iCloud backup for WhatsApp.

Now you need to do a backup of the messages in WhatsApp. To do so, open WhatsApp and tap the setting tab, and scroll to the bottom.

Go into chats and tap on chat back up, under chat back up you will find a couple of options such as:

  • Auto backup: This provides you to set an auto backup of the chats to iCloud drive. Setting this to once a month might be sufficient.
  • Include videos: Turn this on. (please note that you can turn this option off if you only have 5 gigabytes of backup space on your iCloud drive).

Press back up now. This should start to back up your WhatsApp messages.


  • Completing this process might take a little time depending on how much data needs back up.
  • When you are carrying on this process, make sure that you are on your Wi-Fi otherwise it might eat up your cellular data.

Some of the iPhone users face problems while they back up using the above process. So, for all those who face such problem, there is another way you can use to export your WhatsApp chat history in iCloud:

Here is how you can do it:

  1. Go to settings >apple ID>iCloud
  2. Scroll down to iCloud backup there is an option ‘back up now’ click on it


  • This process will back up your entire iPhone including your WhatsApp chat history this means an iPhone back up with all your apps they go with it.
  • This needs an iCloud storage space if you do not have iCloud storage and don’t want to pay for iCloud storage because sometimes you do need to pay to get more storage.


We live in a world where everyone is busy collecting information and updating themselves with the required knowledge. But storing the information collected is also important. As WhatsApp is one of the most used applications around the world having a lot of data relating to chats, media, etc, exporting your WhatsApp chat history in iCloud helps to deal with your data much smoothly.

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