How To Fast Charge Your Phone In A Car

Wondering how to make phone charge faster in car? This is a very common question coming from most of the smartphone users. These days we are using devices which are actually very power hungry. Also, we became so dependent on the Smartphone that it needs to be charged always. But, there are several power-hungry apps and other stuff that keep draining the battery always and this requires us to charge the phone in car also while on the go. But, the car charger is really very slow. You must know that the amp output in the car USB is as low as 1 amp. And this is pretty less to charge your smartphone.

So, how to make phone charge faster in car? Well, there are few ways for that and you need to follow all the strategy to make it happen.

Tips to charge your phone fast in car

How To Fast Charge Your Phone In A Car

  • The first thing you will check while buying a car is that whether the USB port in the car is 2.0 or 3.0. If it is USB 2.0, this will be really slow to charge the phone. So, it is always good to check if it is USB 3.0 for a better This is how to charge phone in car with USB in a faster way. However, in case you already have a car with a USB 2.0 port, you need to follow then other methods for this.
  • The second tip is not to use the car USB port. Several USB car charger is available in the market and all those devices can charge your phone almost 2-3 times faster in the car. There is a charger that looks like a cigarette lighter and this is why it is also called the cigarette lighter charger. You can buy this one for a better But if you are thinking that how to charge the phone in car with a cigarette lighter, just plug in the phone into the required charging port and it will start charging. The output amp of this car charger is really good enough.
  • The third suggestion is to make use of a USB cord which is of good quality. The best thing will be to use a USB cord from the manufacturer itself. You have already got a USB cord from the manufacturer. You can either choose to carry that one with you in the car or else order a same from the manufacturer for the best result.
  • Finally, it is advised that keep your phone switched off while it is charging in the car. It takes really lesser time to charge the phone while it is off.

Follow these above simple tips and you will be able to charge your phone way faster in the car.


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