how to hack Wi-Fi password on Windows 10

Wi-Fi is one of the must-have features for any computer or smartphone devices. It allows us to connect to the internet without any wires or cables. Wi-Fi or wireless fidelity is actually a wireless local area network which works using radio signals. It is one the most important technology which is present in almost every modern computer.

Wi-Fi networks are mainly of two types the open Wi-Fi network and secured Wi-Fi network. Open Wi-Fi is accessible to anyone on the other hand for accessing a secured network you need a password.

If you are using the latest version of windows that is windows 10 and you are connected to a secure network, there is one way you can find out its password and can connect other devices to that particular network.

Here is how to hack Wi-Fi password on Windows 10

If you want to know the Wi-Fi password of the network you are connected to or have used it in the past follow the given steps.

Method 1

For the Wi-Fi network you are currently connected to-

  • Right click the network icon present on the toolbar.
  • Now open Network and sharing center.
  • A new window will open. Now click on Change adapter settings.
  • Right click the particular Wi-Fi network and select status.
  • On the next window click on the Wireless properties option. Now click the security tab to open it.
  • Here you will find a checkbox beside the show characters option. Check the box to disclose the password.

how to hack Wi-Fi password on Windows 10

Method 2

Using this method you can find out the password of those Wi-Fi network which you have used in the past. Here is how you can do it-

  • First of all open command prompt and run it as administrator.
  • Now type the following command.
  • netsh wlan
  • show profile

This command will list each and every Wi-Fi networks your computer was connected to.

To disclose the password of a particular network type the following command.

  • netsh wlan
  • show profile
  • key=clear

This will show you the password.


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