how to find apps on sale

The Google Play store is full of free and paid apps. And an app has both the free and paid version. But the paid version is always better that allow you to unlock several interesting features. Also, this becomes ad-free. Again, there are few apps which are available at cost only. So, in order to get the best app and desired app, you need to invest something. But, you can always get the advantage of the best deal and discounted apps. Now wondering how to find apps on sale?

This article is all about that. Here we have discussed the best ways to find the best deals app. keep reading to know the process.

Ways To Find The Best Deals On Apps In Google Play

Method 1: AppSales

how to find apps on sale

AppSales is a great discount tracking app which helps you find out the app on sale for free. This app is available only for Android and not for iOS users. It has several interesting features including filter, category which altogether narrow down the search process. And this helps you in finding the best deals app. below is the step by step process to use AppSales on your phone.

First, download and install the app on your Android phone.

Once installed, launch it to use for the very first time. It will have two sections which are Sales and Watchlist.

The Sales option shows you all the apps on sale. You can choose any of the apps from there and then tap on the eye icon to add it to the Watchlist.

Watchlist shows the deals of the added apps in it. You can also filter your tracking process by following the steps.

Tap on the three-dot icons at the top right corner and go to settings. Here Filter option is available to narrow down the search process.

But one disadvantage here is you can only add 10 apps in the watchlist. To add more apps to the list, you need to subscribe for some amount.

So, that’s it. This way you can track down the apps on sale for free.

Method 2: IFTTT

This is a very interesting app that allows you track down the best deals app for Android and iOS both. However, here we will discuss the method for Android only. IFTTT stands for If This Then That. Actually there is a channel called as AppZapp which help you track down the discounted apps.

First download and install the app on your Android phone.

Next, launch it. And then tap on Create a Recipe.

Here you will see the ‘IF This Then That’. Tap on ‘This’> AppZapp. Scroll to the bottom to select any of the six triggers.

When you select a trigger, it sends you notification for apps on sale that go discounted or free. You will get three triggers for AppZapp which are a top-rated app go on sale, gets an update or goes free. You can choose any of the triggers and these three triggers are available for Google Play store.

The next step is to choose your country.

Now, choose the category of apps for which you want notification.

Tap on ‘Create Recipe’. You need to repeat the step 2 again. But, in place of ‘This’, you will then see the ’appZapp’ option. Tap on it to choose the notification alert. It can be either Android notification or else Email notification.

Both the methods are simple and easy. So, get the app that is convenient for you.


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