Samsung S9 screen replacement

The Samsung Galaxy S9 features a 5.8 inch that offers an amazing resolution of 2960 x 1440 pixels. The Super AMOLED technology makes the images look bright and clear. The Corning Gorilla 5 glass protects the screen from scratches and cracks if accidentally dropped on rough surfaces. However, some hard or pointed objects can be super harsh, and the screen may break.

The display is not just the most important but also a vulnerable part of a smartphone. When the glass cracks the screen looks shabby and destroys the beauty of the phone. At times the LCD of the screen also breaks with the glass, and in such cases, the screen goes black.

Despite featuring the Corning Gorilla 5 glass if your S9 gets hit on a very hard surface and breaks the glass then here is what you need to do:

Can You Repair the Screen of a Samsung Galaxy S9?

Samsung S9 screen replacement

The broken screen of the S9 cannot be repaired. Several people try to replace the screen themselves by following various online videos, but this isn’t something wise to do. You need to bring it to a Samsung authorized technician and to get the job done.

  • Always visit a Samsung authorized center for Samsung S9 screen replacement. Local shops may have the knowledge of working with a smartphone, but a Samsung authorized service person has the necessary knowledge to deal with a Samsung phone.
  • Visiting a Samsung authorized center also ensures that you get a Samsung genuine part that is reliable and perfect for an expensive phone as the S9.
  • You will find several websites offering the screen of S9, but you should avoid buying from any website or a local mobile repair shop. They may charge you lesser than what the Samsung authorized repair shop will charge you, but then they will give you no guarantee on how long the screen would last.
  • Refrain from trying to open up the smartphone and get the screen fixed yourself. You may not have the exact knowledge on how to open the phone and may end up damaging the other delicate parts of the S9 smartphone.
  • The Samsung Galaxy S9 screen replacement cost will be revealed to you by the executives working at the Samsung authorized workshop. They will also provide you will a bill of the part that they have installed on your phone.

Use a layer of protection over the screen of your S9. Tempered glass helps to fortify your smartphone and keeps the screen safe from sudden falls, bumps or jerks.



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