Fix ADB Sideload Not Working

Android Debug Bridge or ADB means, as the name suggests, a bridge that will allow you to communicate with the device. It is a command-line parameter that allows a variety of device actions that help run several programs on the device. ADB allows us to install and debug apps on our device, and it mainly has three components: a client, a daemon, and a server. Hence, it is referred to as a client-server program. ADB sideload is a new debugging mode available in OS since the Jellybean version. If you want to connect your android phone with your laptop or PC, you have to take the help of ADB to sideload as it works as a bridge between two devices. But many times, you will find an error showing the file cannot be read. This error actually means ADB sideload is not working properly. There are several ways used to fix ADB Sideload not working. So let’s see some of the solutions below:

Ways to fix ADB Sideload not working:

Check with Google’s ADB Driver:

With several ADB drivers available in the market, one should prefer Google Drivers to avoid errors. For this, download the file from the official website and then install it on your PC. Now run the Sideload and check if it’s working properly.

Confirm ADB Connection:

If the above solution is not working, the next step is to check your Android phone connection with your windows pc or laptop. If the connection is not established successfully, then you’ll not receive the error.

Filename and location:

Another main reason might be the incorrect file name and location. Always keep the habit of first checking file name and giving a simple name to the file, i.e., And keep this file in the correct directory, which is present inside the platform-tools folder. If both these things go well, you are good to execute sideload.

Make use of primary USB cable:

Always use the original USB cable that came along with your android phone to avoid Sideload errors.

Large ADB Address File:

Windows is usually designed to accept small ADB addresses. So, if you are installing a file with a large ADB address, then first make your windows PC compatible with storing a large address file.

Practice full firmware:

Generally, any update on the phone comes in two ways: incremental and complete firmware. The incremental update might work if you have stock firmware. If not working, then continue with full firmware. Check the size of the file when having confusion between two. File with large size is full firmware.

Try the above solutions and it will probably help you resolve your problem with ADB sideload.

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