Android Marshmallow system.img error

If you are also getting an error message saying “error can’t load system.img” or” error: update package missing system.img” you are not alone. This is a quite common issue which is faced by a number of Android users.

The error mainly arises as a result of image script bug when a user is updating the Android version. It is most commonly found in Android Marshmallow.

However, you need not to worry as fortunately there is a simple fix for this issue. You just need to follow a few simple steps and this problem will be resolved.

Fixes for Android Marshmallow system.img error

Here is how it’s done

Android Marshmallow system.img error

  • The first step is to make a backup of all your important data. Connect your device to PC and make a backup.
  • Now download Android Marshmallow factory Image from the internet.
  • You will find a .tgz file. Extract it into a folder on your desktop.
  • In the extracted folder you will see many files like bootloader, radio and a compressed image file called
  • Now unzip the file into a new folder. You should see many image files recovery.img, system.img, boot.img, radio.img, user data.img, cache.img etc.
  • Now paste the bootloader and radio files into the new folder you created.
  • The next things you should do is check for the battery percentage of your phone it should be above 50%.
  • Install the Fastboot and ABD drivers on your computer system.
  • Now reboot your phone into Fastboot mode. This can be done by powering your phone off and then pressing both the volume down as well as the power button together.
  • Connect your phone to the computer.
  • Now open CMD window on the computer.
  • Type Fastboot devices on the CMD. A serial number will appear.
  • Type ” Fastboot flash bootloader with the name of the bootloader image.img”.
  • Again type ” Fastboot flash radio followed by your radio image.img file”.
  • Type ” Fastboot reboot bootloader”.
  • Type ” Fastboot flash system system.img”.
  • Type ” Fastboot flash boot boot.img”.
  • Type ” Fastboot flash recovery recovery.img”.
  • Type ” Fastboot erase cache”.
  • Type ” Fastboot reboot”.

After typing all these codes your phone will reboot automatically and now will be running fine on Android Marshmallow.


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