Bluetooth issue on Vivo V15

If you are facing Bluetooth issue on Vivo V15 then we have some solutions that might help in solving the problem. The solutions mentioned here will also work for people having Vivo V15 Pro issues with their Bluetooth.

Fixes for Bluetooth Issue on Vivo V15

Bluetooth issue on Vivo V15

Begin with turning off the Bluetooth and then turn it on again. Now restart your phone and check.

Using Bluetooth requires a lot of juices and if your smartphone’s battery is less say 15% then Bluetooth connectivity issues are bound to occur. Charge your smartphone and then try using it again.

If the device with which you are trying to exchange data is too far then connectivity issues are bound to happen. Try to keep the devices as close as possible for quick exchange of files or data.

Check to ensure your phone hasn’t gone in Flight Mode by mistake. If so, then your device will bar all communications.

Smartphones in Safe Mode will also restrict Bluetooth from establishing any communication.

When did you last clear cache of your Bluetooth app? Not clearing the cache for long can hamper the performance of any app and Bluetooth is not an exception. Clear the cache of the app and then try using the Bluetooth again.

Settings > More settings > Applications > All > app(Bluetooth in this case) > Storage > Clear cache

This will probably solve the Bluetooth issue on Vivo V15.


If you are sending excessive data then Bluetooth would probably not take the load. Try sending lesser data at a time and see if it works.

If your Bluetooth is not receiving data then there is a probability that there is no storage space in your Vivo V15. Clearing some data will allow more files to be received through Bluetooth.

Check if you have paired the device correctly. Unpair the device and then pair it back again:

Settings > Bluetooth > Paired devices > click icon on the paired device > Unpair to delete the paired Bluetooth device

Once this is done search for the device and pair them again.

  • Check if your OS is updated. When there is a software update available and you haven’t performed the update then your apps may not function properly including Bluetooth.

These are easy to follow instructions and will help you solve your Vivo Bluetooth. If nothing seems to work at all then you can get it checked at your nearest Vivo Store.


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