How to Fix Common iOS 9 Problems and Solutions

Underneath we’ll get into a portion of the arrangements on How to Fix Common iOS 9 Problems and Solutions.

iOS 9 iCloud BackUp, Alarm, Facetime Call, LTE, Activation Problems & Their Fixes


How to Fix Common iOS 9 Problems and Solutions         iOS 9 iCloud BackUp, Alarm, Facetime Call, LTE, Activation Problems


             IOS 9 is a new upgrade and also has new features that will improve your IOS Experience. This upgrade, however, may cause some problems to arise with usage of the your device. Here are a few of these problems and the relevant fixes that you can carry out by yourself before you even think of reporting the situation to a service center:


ICloud Back Up Not Working

The upgrade can affect the back up process of ICloud and cause it not to work anymore. You can try out the following steps to fix the problem:

1. Reset Network Settings by navigating to Settings, then to General. move to the bottom to and tap on Reset. The third button is the network Reset button.

2. Then fill in your password and progress.



Other solution could be in the form of:

Storage can be the cause of this problem sometimes so you can delete the older icloud backups that you no longer have use for to solve the problem:

1. Go to settings, then move to icloud. Navigate to Storage and then to Manage Storage.

2. From the list that you find, delete the ones that you no longer need by tapping on Delete backup.

For some advanced cases of the problem, you might need to upgrade your IOS. Factory Reset is the last option, before you do it, you must back up your file in itunes.

After doing that, you navigate to Settings > General > Scroll to the bottom of the page and locate the Reset Button. Tap on it and tap on “Erase All Contents and Settings”. You will need to enter your password before the process goes to completion.


Alarm Does Not Go Off

A lot of persons who have this problem with their device, have it probably at a special point in time or the other miss an appointment or date because the alarm system of their mobile device doesn’t function properly. Here is a quick fix;

1. Carry out basic checkups to confirm whether alarm is put on mute, make sure you put it off. You can also check whether the volume of the phone is turn up.

2. You can also check whether you have any third party app that may be inbuilt with a stock clock app for iphones or ipad is on the phone. Uninstall it and try out the alarm system again.

3. A simple reboot of your device can solve this problem. Press the sleep and wake button together with the home button simultaneously till the apple logo appears.

4. You can also reset settings by navigating to Settings > General > Reset > Erase all settings. This will erase all the settings on the phone so be careful while carrying out this procedure.


FaceTime Call Is Dropping Very Frequently

Face time calls could begin to drop frequently whether you are on WIFI or 3G/4G Network. Here are a few things that you can do;

I. You need to first confirm whether your device is compatible with the Facetime feature. If it is, you can carry out the other fixes listed below.

II. Checking if your Data plan is compatible is the next step. Verizon and sprint allow Facetime but AT & T is not compatible with this feature. Only new users that have a shared data plan on AT & T can use this feature over 3G.

III. Toggle the Airplane feature of your phone. turn it off and on after a few seconds interval.

IV. In some cases, your WIFI might just be the problem. You need to sometime disconnect from the network and reconnect back.

V. You can also reset your phone as explained above. Note this should be your last resort and make sure you have a back up.



Cannot Connect To LTE:

If you are having issues connecting to 3G and LTE. Try out the following fix;

1. Confirm if everything is ok with your Cellular Network. Navigate to the settings app, tap on mobile, then switch on mobile data and enable LTE. Turn data off and on a few times, this might in a way solve the problem immediately.

2. You can also toggle the Airplane mode option by turn it off and on a few times.

3. Complete removal of your SIM card and Restarting starting the phone has helped a few people.


Activation Failed:


Many persons have this problem when updating on the IOS platform especially this week where people were trying to upgrade to the IOS 9.3.

1. Some persons tried this over and over again after restarting the device and it some how solved the problem.

2. If step one fails, you should try updating with a computer that has itunes if you are using a WIFI connection.

3 Locate settings then find icloud and then tap turn off my iphone and ipad to unlink your device from icloud.

4. Connect your phone with a USB cable with your computer that has itunes.

5. Before you try connecting, make sure that Apple service is “Green” because sometimes it can be offline.

6. Restart your computer, this will ensure that itunes starts when the machine comes back on and make sure you are running the latest itunes version. If the itunes does not open, you can manually open it by clicking it.

7. Click on the icon that matches your device on the left hand side of the itunes app screen. Under settings, you will see the summary of your device on the right hand side then click update.



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