How to Fix Find My Mobile Sending Notifications

Smartphones have made our lives so much easy. From communication to banking, it takes care of everything. Losing one’s mobile is almost like losing an important asset. This is why there are apps that help us track our mobiles in case we lose them. The Find My Mobile on Samsung Account is a very useful feature that can help you remotely locate your mobile, lock the screen, back up all stored data, or delete stored data and block access to Samsung Pay. Here is how you can use the Samsung Find My Mobile on your Samsung device.

Methods to use Samsung Find My Mobile on your Samsung smartphones

Check if Samsung Account is Added to Accounts

In order to be able to use all the features of Find My Mobile, your Samsung Account must be added to your Accounts.

  • Go to Settings > Accounts & Backup > Accounts – here you will find a list of apps that have been synced to your phone. You must find Samsung Account listed here.

If Samsung Account hasn’t been added, then you can tap on Add Account below the same screen and add Samsung Account by locating it on the list that is prompted. When you select Samsung Account, the grayed dot will turn blue. This means that the Samsung Account has been synced with your phone.

Enable All Features of Find My Mobile

You must keep all the features of Find My Mobile enabled to be able to track or operate your phone remotely in case it is lost.

Go to Settings > Biometrics & Security > Find My Mobile – there are four options you will get. You must toggle them on.

Remote Controls will allow you to control your phone remotely through Samsung Account over the internet.

Google Location Service will let Google track your phone and get accurate information about where your phone is located.

Remote Unlock is for times when you forget your unlock type Samsung saves your PIN, pattern and/or password. You can also operate your phone remotely even if it is locked.

Send Last Location will let your smartphone send its last location to the server of Find My Mobile when the battery of the phone is down to a specific level.

How to Fix Find My Mobile Sending Notifications:

Have you ever got a random notification and it turned out be from find my mobile and all it said was ‘1’. Some samsung device users have never even seen or used the app before or doesn’t even know it exists on their smartphone. But no need to be alarmed, at times it is an activity done on Samsung’s side. Taken from Samsung’s official forums:

“If you received a “Find My Mobile 1″ notification this AM, this was an unintentional message sent as a result of internal testing & there is no effect to your device. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused & will work to prevent this from occurring in the future.”

So as you can see this was as a result of some internal testing being done.

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