Fix Samsung Galaxy S7 Micro SD Card Issue

Underneath we’ll get into a portion of the arrangements on How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S7 Micro SD Card Issue:


Some Galaxy S7 users tend to have popup notifications appearing on screen while using a SD Card in their Galaxy S7 device periodically. Some users even reported a delay in waking the the device from standby.


Format the SD card:

The Samsung Galaxy S7 SD card issues can also be fixed easily just by applying simple formatting of the external storage device, the Micro SD card. Formatting of the Micro SD card will delete all the content stored on the micro SD card so make sure to backup the stuff before performing this option. Instructions to format the micro SD-card:

Tap on the apps icon from the Home screen of your device.

Press on the option Settings.

Navigate to ‘Storage’ and then tap on micro-SD card.

At this point two options will pop up, Unmount and Format.

Select the desired option.

It will take a while to complete the formatting process. Afterwards check to see if issues have been resolved.

Try and see if the micro-SD card operates in other media devices:

The issues with the SD card in the Samsung Galaxy S7 might be a version problem or a firmware problem or it can also be an hardware issue. To assess what is it, check the SD card in another media device to see if is it functioning  properly. So power down your mobile phone first and take out the micro-SD card. Insert it in your PC or Labtop and see if it is functioning properly. If yes, then back up all the data and format it. Assess the device afterwards. In case of all failing it can likely be an hardware issue.

Turn off and on:

First, reboot your device as this usually works and is the first step in the trouble shooting process. To reboot the device, press down the Volume down and power buttons all together for 7-10 seconds and the smartphone will power down, vibrate and reboot. Once the rebooting is completed, assess the micro-sd card for functionality.


Check to see if the SD card is seated properly:

Tap on the apps icon from the home screen of your device.

Search for ‘My files’ and press to open it.

Peruse for the option device storage under local storage which is the internal storage and SD card.

Tap on SD card and if you are able to view it, then the SD card is seated properly in the device. If you’re unable to view the SD card, then pull it out and try re-inserting it properly again.


Updating the firmware of the device:

If you have exhausted all the suggestions and still no desired results, then have a go at updating the device to the latest firmware. Some micro-SD cards have more problem being compared to others.

Try all these possible solutions above one by one and see if you can get it working, if not take it to a technical representative to repair it or get a new one.


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