Fix apps crashing on Android 13

Android 13 has been newly launched in the market, but Pixel users have already got a chance to look at it in the Developer Preview, and Public Beta Build. Android 13 offers multiple features, which makes it more user-friendly, but it has been observed that people are facing random app crashes, multiple bugs, lags, crashes, etc. They cannot enjoy this as expected. Sometimes a simple restarting of the device would help fix the bugs, but at times, some apps might not support this system, so app crashing is becoming a common phenomenon. If you face the same kind of trouble while having a relaxed gaming session, below are some troubleshooting methods that could help fix apps crashing on Android 13.

Steps to fix apps crashing on Android 13:

Restart your Device

Restarting your device is the foremost way to fix any glitch while using an app. Restarting your smartphone helps clean the cache cookies associated with the app and keep your temporary RAM clean. So restarting would definitely help in the first place.

Updating the Apps

When any new version of an app is launched, developers always try and test it to ensure it works finely on every device. So while your phone beeps for an update notification of any app, update it to the latest version.

Go to Playstore, check the apps section, and keep it updated to the latest version to avoid app crashing issues.

Battery Restrictions to be Removed

Android 13 comes with new settings to optimize your battery performance a bit more, due to which some apps may crash. So it is important to disable such Battery Restrictions from all apps to help fix the bug.

Resetting the App Preferences

Android 13 has a feature to set different preferences for different apps. But sometimes, this only makes the app difficult to perform smoothly, and you might face multiple app crashing issues repeatedly. So in this situation, reset your app preferences to normal for individual apps to fix the crash.

Uninstall and Reinstall to fix apps crashing on Android 13

If the issue still persists for you, have a go at uninstalling and then reinstalling the app again after clearing all residual cookies and caches from the app and downloading it from an authenticated source such as Google Play Store.

Android System Overview to be Re-enabled

Many apps work on Android System Overview, which has also been added in the Android 13 version, which helps show the contents of the web on your smartphone. So enabling this feature for all the apps is important to prevent crashing.

Go to the All Apps Section on your smartphone, look for Android System Overview and click on the Force stop option. Once this is done, re-enable it again to start afresh from scratch.

Free up storage space

Sometimes, due to full memory usage in your smartphone, apps may stop working or a pop-up may come up repeatedly stating “App has stopped working “. In this situation, your device hangs, and you have only the option to clear your space and keep your device cache free to let the app work smoothly.

Reset Android 13 or Factory Reset

If, even after following all the above-mentioned ways, your app still comes with the issue of crashing, then the last resort is to reset the Android 13. If all of the apps start creating this problem, then it’s high time you should go for Factory Reset, but before that, keep all your data in the backup because this setting will remove all the apps data or any system-related issues from your device.

Go to System Settings Option and navigate to Factory Reset. This will take a few minutes to work, and then Restart your device.


 These are some of the ways by which you can resolve the issue of App Crashing in your smartphone. I strongly believe the ways mentioned above will surely fix your issue, and you can enjoy the Android 13 without any hustle. But out of exception, if the issue still persists after all this, send a bug report to the developers who would fix it in the next app update.

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